Sunday, September 30, 2012


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Reese Witherspoon sexy and beautiful actress

Reese Witherspoon is most beautiful and charming actress from worldwide. She's classy, kind, stylish, intelligent (she attended stanford university), pretty, a good mother, down-to-earth, and most of all, an amazing actress. some of her excellent movies include Legally blonde, Sweet home alabama, Just like heaven, and Walk the line (which she won best actress for). she is my favorite actress. Reese Witherspoon is definitely one of the most impressively talented members of the emerging New Hollywood of the early 21st century.Among all the leading ladies in Hollywood, Reese Witherspoon earns top dollar. According to the Associated Press, Reese earns any where between between $15 million to $20 million a movie, awarding her first place on The Hollywood Reporter’s list of the highest-paid actresses. Reese Witherspoon is one of the most talented and beautiful actresses in the world. Here are the prettiest, beautiful and sexy Reese Witherspoon photos ever. She’s a photogenic woman under normal circumstances, her makeup looked amazing.

Reese Witherspoon sexy and beautiful actress - 25 pictures

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Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth (her husband)

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Sexy Reese Witherspoon with Ava and Deacon (her children) on walk of fame.

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Reese Witherspoon recently got hit by a car. She was out jogging in Santa Monica, California when the accident happened. She began to cross a crosswalk when she was hit by an 84-year-old woman who failed to stop her car. Thankfully, Reese only suffered from very minor injuries – a cut on her forehead. She was briefly treated in hospital before being released and allowed to rest at home. Reese has kindly decided not to press charges against the woman, and the elder lady has been ordered to retake her driving test.

You can see on Reese Witherspoon into a exceptional movie (Just Like Heaven) HERE
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Time to start thinking about Halloween!

My all-time favorite
Halloween costume!
It's October and that means it is time to start thinking about Halloween!

Do you like to dress up girlie on Halloween? Maybe go to a party that way? Or give out candy at your place that way? Or walk the streets on that evening that way?

Of course, we T-girls know that Halloween is THE day that you can get away with dressing up like a girl! You just say to people, "How do you like my costume?" And everyone has a good laugh!

That's how it is with my Marilyn Monroe costume!  It is pretty much like the one at right, including the wig and shoes. I have worn it probably half a dozen times. People are quite amused by it! Everyone gets a laugh. They like my wig. They check my makeup and lipstick. They ask me how in the world did I learn to do that! They marvel at my shaved legs and painted nails! And I try to act like Marilyn, but I know I am pretty bad!

I have great fun. Of course, what most of my acquaintances don't know is that I have always wanted to be like beautiful women like Marilyn! If I could wear that costume every day of my life, well, I would be quite happy about that!

I have also dressed up as a cheerleader -- quite common for T-girls I would imagine! And of course, a French maid! Never a fairy nor a ballet dancer, though that would be fun!

Have you ever dressed up as a girl for Halloween? If so, what did you dress up as?
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