A Very Messy Birthday Present

Two weeks before my twentieth birthday, my Japanese girlfriend Ayumi turned to me in bed.
"Are you sure you don't mind me fucking other people?" she said, wanting to confirm our pact of an open relationship.
"Of course," I replied, "as long as I can too. And if I can watch, all the better. Why d'you ask, we agreed that months ago?"

"Just checking," she replied, going quiet and thoughtful. However, she would say no more.
My birthday arrived surprisingly quickly, even though I had been looking forward to it for a long time. All my housemates had gone home for the weekend, so Ayumi was coming over for some mad sex all day before we went to the pub. Things looked promising when I opened the door to find Ayumi dressed in her old school uniform. As I gawped admiringly at her pretty light brown legs covered up to the ankles in white cotton socks in her shiny black shoes, then from half-way up her thighs by a short pleated green skirt. Into this was tucked a white shirt, and around her neck was a green tie which hung down between the bulges of her bra-less breasts.
From her bag she pulled a matching boy's school uniform and threw it at me. I changed into it while she spread an old blanket over the sofa, placed a large glass bowl and a small shallow metal tray by the door, and then began setting up a video camera on a tripod. She pressed a button on it, sat down on the sofa, beckoning me over, and we kissed. Her waist was soft and warm under the material, and I moved my hands up to her breasts, stroking her nipple with my thumb. She pulled me on top of her and arched her back to push her tits against me, and I obliged by breaking the kiss and moving my lips down to her neck.

As I kissed her hot flesh she told me her plan for the day, which was so obscenely kinky that I was hard before I'd undone her shirt and started licking her nipples. I kept at it though, knowing how much she liked her boobs to be stimulated, until they were hard and erect. Licking between them I moved my face down over her stomach so I was kneeling between her legs. With my hands I stroked her calves above the socks which I now saw had a little lace frill around the top and the shiny black buckle shoes she was wearing, while kissing her legs up from behind the knees.

It was now my turn, as I sat back on the sofa and felt her small fingers undoing my flies. A small, slender hand reached into my pants and pulled out my engorged penis, holding it firmly, and then Ayumi released me from the kiss and bent down over my groin. As usual, her hot wet mouth felt fantastic as it took me inside, and my dick was soon rock hard with her tongue circling slowly around the head. I tucked her shoulder-length hair that had fallen over her face behind her ear so the camera would get a good view, while with my right hand I reached down to her naked muff and slowly masturbated her.
However, she did not suck for long, and after only two minutes of having me fully erect she sat up again. I stood up, pulling my pants and trousers off, taking my shoes with them, and stepped in my socks between my girlfriend's open legs. Carefully, moving my feet back and bracing my arms against the back of the settee, I got into position over her, my green tie hanging down on to hers and my cock resting in her soft silky bush. With a thrust of my hips I entered her, eliciting a cry from her, and slowly moved up her tight wet tunnel until my pubes were against hers, my balls touching her arse.

Up I went, lifting up her skirt, until I was nuzzling her plain white knickers, her short and curly pubic hair forming a cushion, and smelling the musk from the damp patch over her hole. Slipping my fingers under the waistband, I drew the knickers down, leaving them hooked around her left foot and set about eating her pussy. I slurped at her little hole, poking my tongue in, then kissed and sucked her clit with a finger inside her. I loved it, and could have gone on for hours if I hadn't been called up by Ayumi to kiss her lips.

I began fucking her steadily, bending down occasionally to kiss her lips, or to watch my wet cock slide in and out of her juicy cunt. At her bidding I went faster, the force of my entries making her breasts shake like firm jellies, and she gripped the back of the sofa in tight fists as she moaned in pleasure. Slowing down again she brought her legs up and wrapped them tight around me, her shoes pressing against my skin, drawing me closer. I lowered my front down on my elbows so her bare breasts pressed warmly into my chest through my shirt, hers wide open as I'd left it.
Our kiss muffled her moans as I sped up again pounding as fast as possible until the end of my knob began to tingle and I pulled out. Pushing myself up again and taking it in my hand I slapped it playfully on her slit with a wet sound, letting it go ever so slightly limp on her damp bush before reinserting it and resuming a slow and steady pace of fucking. I repeated this several times, starting slow and speeding up and pulling out, and then rolled off her.
Now it was her turn to be on top and she knelt over me, the dark green skirt obscuring mine and the camera's views of our genitals before I tucked the edge into the waistband out of the way. Tucking some of her hair that had fallen over her face behind her ear and holding my arms around her waist for support, Ayumi lowered herself down, impaling her wet twat on my cock. Up and down she went going faster and faster and crying out, her boobs bouncing around as I watched, her hairy crotch almost a blur. Suddenly she stopped, fully down on me so her buttocks were touching my thighs, allowing me to recover a little inside her hot wet tunnel before starting again slower.
This routine continued for a while, and I began to thrust upwards too, so that soon she just knelt up while I pushed my cock up into her. She leant forwards and we could kiss again, and carried on fucking this way for a good few minutes. Eventually, Ayumi got off me and lay back, bringing her legs up and holding them by the ankles above her head, her shoes touching the top of the sofa back. I stood up and positioned myself, poking my dick into her twat.
Thrusting down in the new position I could enter her tight Asian pussy deeper, and was soon screwing her as hard as I could. However, even with frequent stops I knew I couldn't last much longer, so I pulled out and got up on the sofa, my groin level with Ayumi's head. She immediately took my cock in her mouth and started slowly and sensually sucking and licking it, breathing only through her nose. I caressed her hair, and then after only a minute, I came, still in her mouth, her tongue still swirling over the head as I ejaculated, seven hard spurts of semen filling her mouth, before she released me. A small trickle of cum escaped as she cleaned my shaft with the tip of her tongue, but no more as she indicated to me to get the camera from the tripod. Doing so I filmed as she opened her mouth to show a mini, milky coloured lake of jism and saliva under her tongue, as well as some clinging to her tongue.
As she had told me to before, I got dressed again, my girlfriend watching with her mouth closed again, fingering herself gently. I'd only just finished doing my flies up when there was a ring at the doorbell. Picking up the camera I went to answer it, and leaving the front door open I followed the two guys I'd let in. They were from her halls of residence, one eighteen like her, a rugby player, and the other nineteen, taller and less stocky but sporty looking none the less. Both emptied a jar of something into the glass bowl Ayumi had placed by the door, and looking closer I saw it was indeed semen, as she had told them to bring as much as they could wank since she'd invited them.
Quickly they both undressed, showing off their well muscled bodies, and climbed up either side of Ayumi, barely saying a word. She pulled one of their limp cocks into her mouth, pulling the other's foreskin back and forth, and then swapped leaving a strand of her saliva and my cum dangling from the end the penis and her mouth. Soon they were both hard, and the rugby player got down and knelt between her legs, his thick seven-inch cock in position, and began fucking away. I had fun with the camera, panning over my girlfriend's body and zooming in on the guy's dicks wet from her bodily fluids. Her tits were wobbling with the movement and she was moaning, muffled most of the time by the cock in her mouth except when it slipped out and she pushed it back in.
Three minutes of fucking and the rugby player stopped, pulling himself deep inside Ayumi with his hands on her hips, the expression of concentration on his face changing. His arse shuddered slightly as he climaxed, and then after a bit he pulled out, wiping the rest of his cum on her muff and thighs. While he got dressed and waited for his mate, I got down and filmed Ayumi's creamed cunt. The stuff smeared on her thighs just looked wet, but there were droplets of whiteness in her black pubic hair, and one long strand tangled in it led right into her hole. With my fingers I parted her lips to film into her dark and juicy insides, and saw a clump of semen sliding slowly down and out.
Getting up again I panned up over her raised skirt, open shirt, tummy and bare breasts to the cock she was sucking, the guy's hand on the back of her head pushing her back and forth. A couple of minutes after his friend and he ejaculated too, pulling out and jacking off in the direction of my girlfriend's open mouth, already swimming with cum and spittle. His aim was quite good, although the first few spurts were so strong that apart from one which reached the back of her throat, the rest streaked up her face. When he'd finished and she'd cleaned him with her tongue, there was semen on her top and bottom lips, right cheek, the bridge of her nose and even a bit in her fringe.
Once they'd gone I picked up the small round metal tray that looked a bit like a medical dish of some sort by the glass bowl, and looking straight into the camera with her pretty brown almond eyes, Ayumi opened her mouth and dribbled all the cum and saliva out. It cascaded down her chin and over her neck, where I caught a little by scraping the tray up the sides, but some still got into her hair, clumping strands together. The rest ran down her cleavage where it settled, but as I filmed one trickle as it moved slowly over her stomach towards her navel, the next lot of people arrived.
This time it was a group of three Sikhs from her course, all with beards, though one was not as impressive as the other two, and wearing turbans. Naturally their skin was brown as they undressed, having deposited their sperm donations in the bowl, but one was almost black. While two of them undressed fully, one just took off his trousers, his long brown cock already erect, and stuck it straight in Ayumi's twat. He was tall and grabbed hold of one of her tits as he fucked her, while his shorter, skinnier friend with the thinner beard got up on the sofa. Apparently he didn't think a Sikh girl would give him a blowjob, so Ayumi began sucking his brown dick, while the other taller, darker skinned guy watched and wanked. I filmed everything, enjoying the contrast between their darker brown skin and her paler Japanese skin, and also the expressions on their bearded faces and particularly the physique of the guy fucking her.
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