Being passed around

My wife and I have been married for 30 years and when we were at our tenth anniversary we separated for about two years. She is still as hot as she was then and it is a thrill to see her nude. She was then 5'5", about 130 lbs with nice hips, 36C breasts and when I touched her pussy or nipples she would stream wetness from her hot pussy.. She was always up for play acting and fantasy games and even though we were apart we would meet and fuck at least weekly.

I couldn't think of myself acting in that manner but I also knew they didn't know me and I was safe from people knowing. They walked me gently to my car and I spent the entire day recuperating from the fuck event. The next weekend I got a call and a guy said "Hey girl wanna watch a video?"

About a month ago after some hot sex (yes we still do) I asked her what was the most outlandish sexual experience she ever had. She blushed and said "if you really want to know": "While we were separated I went to a college party of enormous size, I was the oldest girl there and was with friends I worked with who attended college nearby. I was about 8 years older than the group but the guys all were wanting to dance with me and I guess I was a bit different than the younger girls. I danced and swapped touches with each guy I danced with, I kissed alot of them, I drank a huge amount of beer and even drank a beer bong empty at one time. We smoked some weed and I found myself getting really loose and provocative with the guys. As the party wound down and the majority of the people left I stayed and enjoyed being the center of attention. Everyone of the guys, big/tall/short/skinny/white/black/oriental wanted to dance with me and I loved the attention. 
We drank and smoked more and more, a guy gave me a weird tasting drink and the next thing I remember was awaking on the bed, nude and covered with sticky dried cum.
It was all over me, in my hair, on my face and chest, my pussy hair was just matted with it. I heard alot laughter and yelling from the other room. I rose and still nude I walked in the room to see what was going on. One guy saw me and pulled me onto the couch naked in front of at least 15 guys. One guy I vaguely remembered said "Hey wait till you see this" and rewound a video they were watching. 
As it began I saw myself on video dancing, smoking weed, guys touching me and me feeling them also. I saw myself getting crazy and one guy starting taking my top off and they all hooted and hollered when they saw my bra covered breasts. My nipples were erect and very obvious to all. Another unhooked my bra and I shook it off while turning my body for them to see. I started kissing one guy very deeply and another came from behind and reached around to rub my nipples and kissing my neck. I was grinding into the guy kissing me and the one behind reached down to unsnap my jeans and lowered them to the floor. I offered no resistance and then off went my panties and I was nude in front of alot of horny men. The guy kissing me pushed me to my knees and I was instantly surrounded by guys stripping their clothes off and pointing hard cocks of every size and shape at me. I could tell I was drunk or high and as each came to me I would grab a cock in each hand and suck on another. I watched as I gagged on a huge black cock, I have never been with a black guy but there I was, sucking a big black cock into my mouth and rolling my tongue around the head. I looked like a crazy whore sucking cocks and the guys constantly encouraging me but I was also getting turned on sitting on this couch in front of the guys as I was watching myself. 
It didn't hurt that the two guys sitting beside me on the couch were each finger fucking me at the time either and my hands were jerking them off. I continued to watch myself sucking every cock placed near my mouth. I saw myself swallowing cum when they explored and the majority of it flowing down my face onto my breasts.
After a while I was lifted and they actually sat me down on a hard white cock, I watched as I ground down on it and pulled a cock to my mouth as I did so, the group was yelling more encouragement to me on the video and I was bent forward and a black guy got behind me and began pushing his black cock into my ass while I was being fucked. I pulled from the cock in my mouth to yell but it was shoved back in my mouth. The black cock drove deep into me and I saw myself moaning and grinding downwards and backwards. They were tearing me apart with those cocks. I was still watching myself being double fucked and sucking a cock as two more guys changed places on the couch and fingered me and one guy got between my legs and was eating my cum drenched pussy. I was going nuts watching myself being passed around and fucked in every hole as I was also being turned on again in person. I got blurry eyed watching myself fucking one after another and sucking the ones watching, seeing my pussy, my ass and my mouth being taken by so many men. I was yelling, screaming my orgasms, hollering for more and more, being fucked and fucked. I turned away from the video and felt my face being tilted backwards as I saw a hard erect cock at my mouth, I forgot the video and took it in as I sucked it long and deep. The guys fingering me turned me so I was leaning over the back of the couch to better suck the cock as they fingered my sore asshole. I deep throated the cock in my mouth and was being finger fucked in my ass. I pulled away from the cock in my mouth and heard myself yell "Oh god lets fuck" and swallowed the cock again, it explored cum in my mouth and I swallowed as another took its place. I felt a cock at my asshole and it pushed inside surprisingly easy. I was sucking and being fucked again, the cock inside my ass explored and I began to collapse but I was lifted and another took its place. I was told to lick the balls in front of my face and a guy even bent forward in front of me and I actually rimmed his asshole as I was being ass fucked. This was crazy but a sex starved scene in itself. I was so full of cum in my ass, my pussy and stomach I had to stop and they allowed me to clean up before I left.

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