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I had been feeling ah little strange lately. I had attracted to women after the birth of our two kids. I didn’t know why. After working out at the gym and showering with other women excited me so. It was the smell of a woman’s thighs & her moisture just intrigued me. I would head straight home and masturbate until I had gotten off a few times before showering. I had finished doing this one day when Paxton, my husband came home a little earlier than normal.

“Hi Laura, have ah good work out today” what’s for super? he asked. “Yeah, it was pretty intense! I thought we might go out to dinner tonight, Huh, Paxton Whatdya think?” We loaded the kids in the car and we were off to a new dancehall / steakhouse that had just opened a week or so earlier. We had arrived early enough to get a table near the back. Soon the place was packed. These nice attractive ladies came and sat together behind us. A whiff sent to my nose, I could tell they didn’t have on any panties.

I was trying to eat dinner with my kids and Paxton, but their aroma was really getting to me. I could feel myself getting wet and horny. We finished our meal and got to leave I noticed this one woman had her fingers into her companion to the second knuckle. That didn’t help my situation ah damn bit! I just knew it was female pheromone. I kept it to myself. I kept thinking about all the way home.
I had just gotten the boys off to bed and jumped into the shower while my husband was lying in bed watching some basketball game. I finished and headed to bed & I lay on my side and covered up. I started playing around a little, rubbing Paxton’s love muscle from the tip to the base, but he was engrossed in this stupid basketball game. “Paxton” I said, “Hon. I have been feeling ah little strange lately. I’ve been attracted to women and wondered if we could have us a three-some. I have this fantasy about being with another woman while you have your way with her as well. Paxton Whatdya think?”
He answered me as normal. “Yes, Laura anything you want” The basketball game was over and his team won. I said again, Whatdya think?” He said, “About what” “About us having a sexual three-some with another woman” He almost fell outta bed. “What The Hell” he asked. “I’ve been attracted to women lately and I can’t stop thinking about another lady in our bed with us” Whatdya think?”
“Are you sober? You really want to have sex with a female? Are you serious? Hell Yeah Let’s Do It. Tell ya what Laura, Jack, this guy at work knows some swingers. Jack talks about them often. This sounds great to me. Are you ok with a couple though” “Yes I am, but I want sex with the lady!” Right on! Paxton stated. The next few days while Paxton was getting this set up my pussy never did get completely dry. I could smell the pungent pheromone on myself. Paxton came home and told me that he had set up an encounter with a couple for Friday night.
I went to the adult store and bought a Short pale blue satin dress, garter belt, crouch less panties and a bra set. I felt like such a slut, but Paxton was allowing me to fulfill this resent fantasy. That week seemed to drag by. I took off work Friday to make sure I had every thing in place. All day my pussy was so wet just thinking about the night ahead. I felt so hot I masturbated a few times that morning. At 4pm I took ah shower to wash off the sex from my loins. I set my hair, make-up and nails. I trimmed my womanhood ah little, painted my toenails, primed, and primped myself. I was so excited I tried to keep my mind off the up coming event about.

I moved her hand down between my legs to my crouch less panties. “My, My” she said, “you are ready huh” She slipped a finger in my slit just to toy with me. I was going wild with emotions as she was thrusting her fingers in my honey pot. I had my first of many orgasms.


About 5pm. Paxton arrived home and showered for the night. We talked about our encounter. He asked me if I really wanted to do this 3some/4some. “Yes Paxton my dear I Do” I could tell he was getting excited as well. Another lady W/ out any harmful feelings from me could fuck Paxton. “Laura go comb out your hair and let’s go” The moisture started to build already. All the way to the restaurant visions of naked woman crossed my mind.
We walked in and sat at our table. I spotted a lady that looked mighty familiar. Paxton said, “Laura this is Amanda” Amanda was the woman fingering her friend at the restaurant. Amanda is a Hottie. She has long light red hair with a nice ass and supporting a big set of 38’s. “And this is Blake” I stuck out my hand to shake it. He took me in his strong arms he also kissed me hard and passionately. “Glad to know you Laura” he said”
While we ate dinner I kept looking at Amanda’s braless breasts. Her low cut top didn’t cover very much. She would move just right I could see all the way down to her navel. “Gawd what ah great set of titties you have gurl” Amanda said, “here baby, you wanna see’em better” She took her left breast out for all to see. That auburn colored areola was the size of silver dollar. Amanda’s nipples were either hot or cold. “I just wished mine stuck out like that” She just smiled.

Blake said, “When we finish here our house is a few miles away. When we had arrived at Blake & Amanda’s house we headed straight to the back and into there bedroom. Blake & Amanda were pealing off clothes as they led us down the hall to there bedroom. Paxton & I followed their lead. We were all naked when we reached the bedroom. Amanda asked, “Laura, Sweetie is it true that you have never been with another woman? I am going to take you places you’ve never been” No Amanda, I haven’t. Only recently have I been attracted to women. I guess it’s their sensual sexuality that has intrigued me to this point” 

Amanda lovingly placed her hands on my face and began to kiss me ever so gently as she laid me back on the bed. She dropped to her knees and went for my boobs, sucking and pinching my nipples in her teeth. With one hand she reached my snatch. I spread my legs to give her full access to take me. I looked up at Paxton he smiled and winked. Blake & Paxton had their cocks in hand and slowly stroking them as I closed my eyes to enjoy Amanda’s treatment. I moved up on the bed as Amanda found my hooded clitoris. She bit softly and I lost it. I had my first of many orgasms. “Oh Amanda, Your tongue I so delightful, suck me off some more”
She continued to suck my clit while still pinching and rolling my nipples with her fingers. I was reaching for Paxton and Blake stepped in giving me his big dick. Amanda reached under her pillow for a rubber cock. I was on my back. Amanda now on her knees began to insert that long dildo into my woman hood. She cuddled in close and placed her end to her smooth wetness. Slowly that rubber cock disappeared. She started thrusting herself into me. I was raising my hips to fuck her back to her advances. Amanda was so good at making love to me I don’t know why I hadn’t done this before.

Amanda & I were fuckin’ missionary with her two-headed rubber dick deep between us. The guys were on each side. Blake & Paxton were standing next to the bed with their cocks hard and sticking out straight. Blake & Paxton are both straight. I reached for Blake’s cock and began stroking his massive 8”love tool while Amanda had Paxton in her hand. Blake and Paxton’s dicks are the same size and girth.
Every one seemed to know what was next. Blake moved under me and thrust his cock into my pussy. Amanda placed the rubber dick at my bung with some lube. With a little pressure ‘Plop’ She was in. She had her rubber end in her cunt & Paxton snuggled in to take her ass from behind. It took ah while to get in rhythm. But when we did, we fucked each other for the longest time. Four hot bodies fuckin’ in unison felt so grand.
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