Camille Crimson's Top 5 Reasons to Give a Great Blowjob (NSFW)

There's always time to talk about foreplay. We were wondering why foreplay plays such a pivotal role in sex for men (we'll get to cunnilingus soon, ladies). Well, of course we sought answers from the Queen of the Blowjob, Camille Crimson. Camille inspires us to give better head. She knows a thing or two about blowjobs. She's been managing the for some time now and has made some pretty hot films of herself doing just that. We also have a serious lady crush on her. Without ado, Camille's top 5 reasons to give a blowjob.

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#1 Giving feels good

When we think about the warm, fuzzy feeling we get from giving to others, we're mostly thinking about volunteering for a soup kitchen or giving money to a good cause, but giving pleasure can feel pretty amazing, too.

 Being a giving lover and seeing all the appreciation and enjoyment from a passionate blowjob is its own reward... And a very arousing award at that!

#2 It's a great way to connect

When you have someone's penis in your mouth, it's fair to say that you've entered into a pretty intimate act. A lot of mainstream influences make you feel like it isn't that big of a deal, and it certainly doesn't have to be, but it's lovely to take a moment and reflect on what's actually going on. You're connected in a unique way. Each articulation of your mouth has a direct effect on his cock. Pay attention to the interplay and you'll feel yourself growing closer and more intuitive to his feelings.

#3 It's a skill

It's a skill you can develop like any other: Everybody needs a hobby... Blowjobs could be yours! I'm not saying it'll replace your reading circle or adult dance class, but the more you give blowjobs, the more you learn about your subject.

Developing little tricks and surprising moves is a thrill. The first time you master an advanced technique or experience a cumshot, you really do feel a sense of accomplishment. Besides, and I can speak from personal experience, adding "blowjob master" to your list of abilities is pretty amazing.

#4 It leads to more exploration

Start with blowjobs and you'll surely end up covering a lot more ground. It's a starting off point, but once you find yourself comfortable with blowjobs, you'll naturally find yourself curious about new ways to make each other feel good.

Whether that's more oral sex, using your hands, using your breasts, using toys, watching porn, making porn, finding exciting places to enjoy these blowjobs... The sky is the limit, and it all started with a little fellatio.

#5 It increases the likelihood of meaningful reciprocation

This isn't to say that blowjobs are all given in the hopes that you'll receive something in return, but sometimes receiving amazing pleasure ups the ante and gets you all fired up to give back.

It also opens up the opportunity to ask what makes him feel good and then talk about what makes you feel good. If you're not as into receiving oral sex, you are by no means required to take it as a thank you gift, but you can negotiate some sexy reciprocity that works for both of you.

Camille Crimson specializes in sexuality, feminism, oral sex, and creating and marketing beautiful porn. Her websites The Art of the Blowjob and Slow Motion Blowjob are full of exquisite photo and video shoots that showcase "the subversive yet natural subject we all love: sex". On top of being a versatile business woman, Camille plays guitar, loves horror movies, and has recently gotten into motorcycles.

Follow Camille on Twitter @CamilleCrimson or Facebook.
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