Dear John

Dear John

Here’s 80 bucks to buy stuff for your room. Hope you and Amy have a good day at school. She’ll warm up to you just wait.
Sincerely Corey May.

I chuckled and crumbled up the note. “Ya she’ll open up to me…Bullshit.” “Who are you talking to?” Amy asked as I turned around. “No one just thinking aloud.” I said. “talking to yourself?....Another sign of a fucking Psycho.” She grabbed a cup and poured her coffee and mixed the cream and sugar. When she had her back turned I spit in her cup and looked away. Amy pushed me out of her way and grabbed her coffee and drink it all down. “Did you like that?” I asked. “Why the fuck do you want to know?” spat. “I just wanted to know if my spit tasted good or not.” She look at me wide eyed. “That’s what you get, now cut that Psycho shit out.” I said going upstairs and grabbing a pair of shirt boxers and a shirt for gym. Miss May kept my school schedule on the fridge.

Amy and I left the house at the same time as me but she walked ahead of me. Almost jogging. I didn’t care. I put on my iPod put it on full blast. And jammed out to Breaking Benjamin and enjoyed my walk. But I did have to keep up with her sometimes to not get lost on the way to school. But I did lose her once. And I did get lost. By the time I got to school I missed first period but it was time for my second period Gym. I saw the gym but they didn’t specify with the locker rooms. There were just two silver doors. One was the men’s locker and one was the women’s locker. I didn’t know which was which. I spotted a guy in an Eminem t-shirt getting ready to leave the gym. I jogged to him and asked him which one was which.

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