Go ahead. Fuck me, big dog

He warned her. "Sh..be quiet. Put your face in my pillow, try and control yourself." With that said, he shoved in quickly, she muffled her moans in his pillow. He started thrusting slow, trying not to make the bedsprings creak. Hearing Grace's TV program downstairs, thinking its making enough noise to drowned out their lustful nighttime play time. He begins thrusting faster, the bed squeaks and creaks, but he doesn't care. They're both in their own private fantasy world, nothing maters right now. Except their own sexual satisfaction. --- Downstairs Grace is relaxing, sipping her wine enjoying a segment of House wives of New Jersey. As an advertisement comes on, she glances down noticing a white stain on her sofa. "What, did someone spill on my sofa," she says softly. Out of curiosity, she scratches the stain with her long red fingernails. 'What is it?' she thinks to herself. Raising a fingertip to her nose, she sniffed it. "It smells like!," sniff. "Oh my god...Its smells like. Sperm!" she pauses. "How did sperm get on my sofa?" She thinks a minute, suddenly Brad's strange erratic behavior comes to mind. She thinks back to breakfast with the kids this morning, and what Alyssa told Jack. 'We found a unique way of bonding, this weekend' Was what her little girl said. Grace mumbled under her breath. "Oh no they better not be.... I'll kill Bradley if he..." She laughs to herself, thinking. I'm over reacting. Brad would never do something like that. This cant be what it seems, one the kids must've had a snack on the couch. Its probably mayonnaise or something. "Ha, silly me." She drank the last of her wine deciding, it's time to go to bed. As she stands, she hears noises. At first she thinks, the light creaking sound might be a mouse, scratching around in the ceiling. She listens a little longer, all to quickly she realizes. Its not a mouse in the ceiling, its bed springs creaking. A chill runs down her spine, her green eyes open wide, suddenly changing from soft green to an angry bright green. She slowly began walking upstairs. She wants to turn back, but mothers intuition moves her forward, up the stairs to where her only child Alyssa sleeps in the room, just across from her step sons room. Slowly she sneaks down the hall between the rooms, Brad's rooms on the right, Alyssa's on left. She hears that eerie creaking sound in Brad's room, but decides to check her daughters room first. Without knocking she slowly opens the door. Seeing Alyssa's not sleeping in her pink and white canopy bed, Grace's heartbeat quickens, she feels faint. Pulling herself together, the once faint feeling turns to anger. Stepping from Alyssa's room, she stands in front of Brad's door, questioning herself. 'No this isn't what it seems.' She tells herself. 'Alyssa's probably down the hall, using the bathroom.' She placed an ear close to the door. The creaking sounds getting louder, she hears muffled moaning sounds. It sounds like Alyssa, but she doesn't want it to be. It sounds like she's saying 'Fuck..me...Fuck me harder' --- Inside the room sweat drips down Brad's face, he's thrusting into his step sibling lovers cunt with unadulterated lust. Closing his eyes, he feels cum rising from his grion. His legs are shaking, he's cumming, and he's cumming hard. Alyssa pushes back against his thrust, needing to feel his cock deep inside. Grace stands inside the doorway, watching in complete shock. Seeing Brad and her only child, grunting and moaning like wild animals in heat. Her hands on the light switch, but she cant get herself to flip the switch. She stands watching, for what seems like an eternity. She's never experienced the high of voyeurism before. She doesn't want to admit it, but watching her stepson fuck her daughter is actually arousing her. She feels wetness saturating the crotch of her blue silk panties. Suddenly she obtains a grip on reality. 'Enough, is enough.' she thinks to herself. Click! The lights came on. Even after the lights come on, Brad kept thrusting into Alyssa, his hips smacked loudly against her daughters ass. He came Grace heard him moan, she yelled at the top of her lungs. "Get away from my daughter. You filthy fucking rapist!" Hearing Grace's angry voice, both Brad and Alyssa turn their attention towards the doorway. Seeing the completely surprised looks on their young faces, would've been hilarious to Grace, if she weren't so completely angry at them. Grace rushed in directing all of her anger at Brad. He's in complete shock, his cocks still shoved deep inside Alyssa. Their bodies are on the highs of an orgasm, they cant seem to move. Brad sees Grace rushing at him, her normally kind loving green eyes, have turned to a demonic bright green. He's hypnotized by the look in her eyes, and the angry scowl on her normally pretty face. Grace balled her petite right hand, into a clinched fist and swung hard. SMACK! She landed a hard right hook, connecting with Brad's nose. The punch from the angry woman, sent him flying backwards off the bed. His body hit the floor with a loud thump, landing on his back. He lay on the floor completely dazed, his nose throbbing in sever pain, looking up at his angry step mother. His ears rang, blood spewed from his; most likely broken nose. Alyssa watched her mother advancing towards Brad, she's going to attack him again if doesn't stop her now, she screamed out. "Mom. Please stop, don't hurt him. I love him." Grace stopped moving towards Brad, she looked at her daughter in dismay, her pretty face scowled in ugly anger. "You love him?" Grace snarled. "He's your god dammed step brother. You cant be in love with him." Alyssa hasn't seen her mother this angry, in years. Her mothers once beautiful green eyes, are now a fiendish bright green. Grace pointed towards the door. "Alyssa go to your room. Now!" She yelled at the top of her lungs, Alyssa knew she meant business, she started to leave. Her mother yelled out. "Girl, put your nightgown back on, before you leave. My god Alyssa, don't go walking around my house nude, like some kind of slut." Her mothers words burned into her sole, like a hot dagger through the heart. She quickly slipped her nightgown over her nude body. They heard a groggy voice, coming from Brad's bedroom doorway. "What the hells going on, up here Grace." said Jack. His tired looking bloodshot brown eyes looked about the room. He's dressed in a pair of Miami Dolphins pajama's, his thick brown hairs a mess. Alyssa looked at his right hand, she began to shake, seeing he's holding a 44magnum revolver. When he heard Grace scream out, he must've thought she was being attacked. He came upstairs heavily armed, ready to defend his wife and children. "Grace, tell me what's happening here." he said, confused. Grace's voice trembled with anger. "I caught your son," she paused. "Raping my little girl. That's what's happening here!" Jack peered down at his son in disbelief. Brad's laying on the floor, leaning on his left elbow, holding his bloody nose with his right hand. He notices black and blue rings beginning to form around his sons eyes. "Brad...what the hell, have you done," He paused, not wanting to say it. "Did you rape Alyssa?" Alyssa quickly came to Brad's defense. "No Jack...He didn't rape me," She paused, taking a deep breath. "We've been having consensual sex, since you and mom went away last weekend." she wiped tears from her eyes. Sniffle "I came in here tonight, on my own free will." Jack looked down at Brad, his weathered working mans brow scowled at him. "What the hell happened to your nose son?" Brad sat up, speaking in a nasally tone . "Grace punched me." He looked at Grace, then back to his father. "I deserved it." Jack took charge, knowing he's the only one who can hopefully control his angry wife at this awkward moment. "Grace please take Alyssa to her room," he shrugged. "I need to speak with my son." Grace huffed. "I ought a call the cops on him." Jack took Grace gently by the shoulders, looking into her eyes. "Calm down sweetheart. You go talk with Alyssa, find out what's been going on. I'll handle things in here." Grace took Alyssa by the hand. "Come on, lets go have a talk." Her voice sounds just a bit calmer, as she walks away. Jack turned his attention back to Brad, pointing his 44 magnum at the bed. Seeing his father brandishing the Smith &Wesson, certainly isn't easing Brad's nerves at this uncomfortable moment. "Take a seat on the bed son. I'll go get some paper towel, to wipe your face with and stop the bleeding. And a bag of ice to try and keep the swelling down," Jack smirked. "Looks like Grace walloped you pretty good," his voice changed to anger. "If she wouldn't have hit you son. I would've, so count yourself lucky tonight kid.
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