I walked out of Gym

I put my shirt and shoes on as I walked out of Gym and snuck in the school library. Some peace and quiet is what needed. I sat in a chair way in the back and put my iPod in when I looked to the left to see this dude around my height with his tongue down this ginger girl’s throat and her hand was down his pants. “
Shit.” I said. He broke the kiss and looked at me. “Sorry dude.” He said. “My bad I’ll move.” I started to get up. “Nonsense. She has to get back later. I’ll see you at my house tonight.” He said to the Sexy Ginger girl as he grabs her small perky boobs and smacked her ass. As she passed by me she waved at me and said hi. The guy walked up to me and extended his hand. “Hey im Max.” I shook his head. “Im John…John Fields.” “I know.” Max said. “Amy told me all about the Psycho from down the hall.” He said with a chuckle. “Just call me John.” I said. “No Problem.” Me and Max talked for a little bit and he was an alright guy. I guess Amy blabbed to him about my parents and we talked about that too. Turns out his dad died in an accident too and he just lives with his mom. After 45 minutes the bell rang for next period I made plans to meet Max at lunch. The next 3 period sucked and dragged on. One period I had with Amy. When I said hey she made it a point to call me a Psycho in front of everyone and made it a point to say she didn’t know me…….Great. As soon as the lunch bell rang I ran to the cafeteria and Max was waiting at the table next to the door. I sat down and he could tell I was stressed.

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