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"Come on now, I guess I'll have to spell it out for you.....I told Patty that it would be alright if she came over once
a week and got some good hard dick..........she tells me she hasn't had it for close to a year as it is" ! 
"I know I didn't discuss it with you first and I'm sorry for that, but she would do the same thing for me if that
happened to you, and of course I believe, you of all people, being a kind and unselfish person that you are, would not
see me go unhappy" !?

"Your right, I wouldn't, even though it would hurt me knowing your in another mans arms, yet for the purpose at hand, I 
would understand knowing that your heart really belonged to me".

"So will it be OK with you" ?

"Well you practically arranged it already". "You know I'd do anything for you honey but sometimes I wish you would fill
me in on stuff before hand, yet I imagine women do that in general just to make sure whatever they want done, gets done" ? 

"Patty will come by every Thursday around 3, you will wear a sleeping mask because the only thoughts I want you to have
are of me, your hands will be tied to the bedpost, just to make sure your hands don't touch things that will excite you 
too much, because in all fairness I'm doing this as a favor for a friend and even though she is my best friend....well
I'd like to keep it that way, and in doing so.....well, she won't get too excited either".
"I thought it was best and asked her not to say anything or engage in any conversation, so please, no talking". 

"Boy, you really put some thought into this one".

"Well sometimes you have to, and thank you honey".

Wednesday evening at supper Tina was ragging at me for not helping out enough around the house, according to her.
It just seemed like all my mother-in-law lived for was to yell about anything and everything and make me feel like crap. 
Anyway later on was much more relaxing when Dawn and I made love. At one point Dawn was moaning as usual when she road me but
what made me smile with satisfaction was the sound of Tina's bedroom door slamming in disgust of what she wasn't getting.
Although I didn't hear her come up the sta

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