layd 2

The next day came and at 2:50 Dawn and I had went upstairs. She had teased me by taking her shirt and bra off as she tied
my wrists to the bed then put the sleeping mask on. 
I soon felt her gently stroking me til I was hard, then said she was going down to wait for Patty. 

I heard the door open and close but didn't hear anybody talking but I did hear someone come upstairs and go in the bathroom.
Soon, whoever was in the bathroom came in the bedroom and closed the door, this had to be Patty. 
Silence seemed to fall over the room for a minute before I heard what sounded like a robe falling to the floor. 
She walked over to the bed and just stood there, I soon smelled pussy under my nose as if she stuck her finger in her snatch 
and then put it under my nose. The aroma made my dick rock solid, I guess thats why she did that.
Satisfied at what she wanted to achieve, she climbed up on the bed and sat down on my shaft, taking it all in. 
She moaned silently as she moved her hips back and forth.

It seemed as if by not seeing anything, I was excited enough to stay hard without getting too excited to get off right away.

She felt a little heavy but not too bad. Patty moved her body up leaving my dick to flop out of her as she brushed her breasts
back and forth against my face, then at one point held one breast steady over my lips long enough for me to suck as she
moaned again. I sucked her tit greedily yet this only lasted long enough til she was satisfied, then sat back down on my shaft.

She seemed to take her time, slowly moving about and sometimes lifting herself up just to move back down again on my shaft.
She was sure having a good time grinding herself on my shaft.

I had no idea what time it was but she had been riding me for sometime. After a while she started moving her hips furiously
as she moaned with delight when she came, then got off of me, wiped my dick off with a towel, then moved her mouth up and
down my shaft a few times, then all I heard was the door close. 

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