Dawn came in to untie me but first she thought she would take full advantage of the situation and balled me til I came.

I thought it was quite strange during dinner that Tina wasn't yelling at me or anything, strange but nice for a change.

Late that night when I knew everyone was asleep, I took the video camera I hidden and went downstairs in the basement.
I don't know why I taped this, I guess I was just curious.
Anyway, I put the tape in and pressed play.

There was Dawn tying me up, there she is leaving the room........waiting.....what the fuck !!!???
It wasn't Patty at was Tina.

I can't believe she lied to wonder Tina wasn't yelling at me at dinner.

What should I do ? Should I tell her she lied to me and have one big argument ? No.....if this is what it takes for Tina
to be nice to me, as well as save myself an argument, yes, it's better just not to say anything.

After a month of this, the fourth week I thought I'd put an end to these shenanigans. During the time Tina was about to cum,
I said: "Oh ya baby ya, get some Tina, get some". As soon as I said that she froze for a moment.
"Yes I know and it's ok, all you had to do was ask".

From that point on, whenever Tina wanted some, I went to her room. In the aftermath, there was no more yelling or anything.


I hope you enjoyed this, however if some of you readers did not, I don't really care, lousy comments come from lousy people !!

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