“Like a charm

Like a charm. It works even better than I could have imagined.” This was the hard part for her, but it was necessary. “Take out your cock Arnold.”

Arnold’s eyes got wide. “What…you want to do it here…now?”

“No time like the present. It’s time I showed you that I’m a woman of my word.” she reached across and slid her hand between his legs. 

He looked around the parking lot, obviously very nervous. “Jesus Kayla what if someone walks by?”

“Are you gonna take your cock out of your pants or what Arnold? I think he wants to come out.” she was rubbing the rapidly swelling lump.

For a few uncertain moments, Arnold struggled with his worries so Kayla gave him something else to think about, “Don’t forget, you only have about ten more minutes.” That got him moving. He lifted his ass up while unbuttoning his fly and awkwardly slid his pants down. 

Kayla smiled at his nervousness and said “You don’t want me to suck you through you underwear now do you?”

Arnold looked at her with wide eyes, seemingly ready to pop out of his head, and then carefully slid down his underwear. He was shy, and seemed embarrassed when his semi-hard penis flopped onto his thigh. 

Kayla grinned widely and decided to give him a little encouragement. “Why Arnold, I do believe you’ve been holding out on me.” She took his rapidly rising member into her hand and found that it was sweaty, or maybe it was her own palm that was sweaty, but either way, she was not looking forward to this. She steeled herself, then, licking her lips in an exaggerated sexy way, she leaned down real close and licked the very tip of his penis with the very tip of her tongue. It tasted salty and her nose was filled with his musky smell, but she pushed herself to continue.

Arnold’s dick surged up with blood and was almost instantly fully erect. Standing up at about seven inches with a mushroom shaped head. She blew some cool air on it and giggled when it twitched. Then she sat back up.

Arnold looked almost ready to pass out and nearly yelled “Is that it? You call that a blow job?” he was shaking like a leaf and she hadn’t done anything yet.

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