Lusty Poem We Love: So Alive

Love and lust are more than just emotions and chemicals that rush through our bodies every time our lover walks into the room – they also serve as a Muse for artists. GetLusty for Couples is more than just relationship advice and sex positions. Our libidos also have a creative side. Poet and spoken word artist, Dylan Barmmer, helps us explore that side with some of his sexy poetry.

* * *

So Alive

Lips lock and cock rocks
under undulating
covers where the
lovers lay and
come to play
not every day
but enough to

Come and go
ebb and flow
pulse and pull

Hair and heart
strings tie her up
rub her down do

Bad things and
good things yes
so good things she

Writhes and moans
thrashes and burns
rides slides glides turns

Into an Ecstatic State and
drags him along for the ride

It's a Hell of a Wild Ride when
you feel fuck and love so alive

Dylan Barmmer, Word Is Born

Dylan Barmmer is the Founder/Raconteur of Word Is Born, a creative copywriting consortium based in beautiful Oceanside, CA. With 15 years of experience in the wild worlds of advertising, marketing, journalism, poetry and performance, Barmmer and Word Is Born are truly unique animals. Barmmer has had his poetry published in The San Diego Poetry Annual, The Poetry of Yoga anthology, LA Yoga Magazine and more. Barmmer has also self-published two poetry albums, "Love Is Yoga" and "The Dirty Dozen: 13 Passion Poems on Love, Lust & Longing", and is the self-proclaimed Poet Laureate of Facebook. Barmmer also performs Random Acts of Poetry daily and hosts WORD on the third Monday of every month at E Street Cafe in Encinitas, CA. Learn more about Barmmer and Word Is Born by visiting and, and purchase his poetry on iTunes.
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