Never Have I Ever

Don't get me wrong, I have always loved my little brother Sammy. He

was always just sort of, I don't know, a dork. I think that she came

out of the womb with a certain social awkwardness and a unique ability

to make himself invisible in plain sight. Sammy is a total nerd and

always has been. I am not saying that to put him down. Like I said, I

really do love my little brother. We never had that sort of torturous

older sister/younger brother thing that you see on television and

movies. I just want you to know what we are dealing with here.

So, this story I am going to tell you about my brother and I happened

about two years ago. At the time I was 20 years old and a sophomore in

college. My brother was 18 and a senior in high school. Not that he

looked it. He was always painfully shrimpy and reaching the age of

adulthood hadn't changed that. I am not a tall girl, only around 5'5,

but I was still taller than my brother at 5'3. On top of that he was

string bean thin, probably only 110lbs. He had short brown hair and

dark brown eyes. He had a handsome face, but it was a bit childish and

he couldn't even begin to grow facial hair. His skin was always very

pale and he was incapable of tanning. Worst of all, he always wore

really baggy clothes and slouched. He looked like a pouty kid more

than a man just a few months short of college.

If you just looked at us, you'd never know that we are related. As I

already stated, I am taller than my brother. I have very long light

blonde hair and bright, wide blue eyes. I have thick pink lips and a

pretty, oval face. The only thing I don't like about my face is that I

have slightly rotated eyeteeth, but some people tell me they look

cute. Whatever. I have small, round breasts (34-B) and a flat stomach.

I have hips slightly wider than my breasts, a toned butt, and shapely

legs. On top of all that, I take after our mother and tan very easily.

You wouldn't think we were cousins, let alone brother and sister.

It all started on a Friday morning. It was in December, near the end

of the first semester. I would be going home for Christmas break in a

few weeks and classes were just starting to wind down before exams

started. As I said, my brother was a senior in high school so he was

deciding where he wanted to go to college. His applications were all

due in early January, so he was really running out of time.

I went to a big public university. Very much a party school. Also very

affordable. My brother was always much smarter than me and he wanted

to go to some small liberal arts school in the middle of nowhere. It

was prestigious and quiet, which suited my brother's personality

perfectly. Unfortunately it was also wildly expensive. My dad had

called me on Thursday to tell me that he was sending my brother to my

school. He wanted me to show my brother around and try to convince him

that my school, or a similar school, would be a better fit for him. I

knew that meant my dad didn't want to pay for my brother's prestigious


I was not really excited about showing my brother around on a Friday

night. I had plans, I'd been invited to a party and I wanted to dance

(things that I would not be able to do with my sulking brother

lingering around). But, when the man who is paying for your education

(and giving you money for food and gas) asks you to do something, you

have to suck it up and agree to it. So on Friday morning (a day I

don't have classes) I was at the train station in town, picking up my


"What's up nerd?" I asked when he sat down in the passenger seat next

to me. He gave me a sad little smile and threw his duffel bag in the


"Hey Lynn," he said, "Sorry dad is making you do this." He looked

almost embarrassed, like he knew that I had been bitching about him

the entire drive to the train station. I smiled at him.

"Don't be a doofus," I said, "It'd be an honor to show you around."

And with that I kicked the car into gear and headed back towards

campus. While we drove I asked my brother about school and about his

extracurricular activities (he was president of a thousand socially

suicidal clubs, but I tried not to give him a hard time about it). He

gave me short, embarrassed answers, so I mostly let things dropped.

"New girlfriend or anything?" I asked finally, trying to make him

talk. My brother has a hard time warming up to conversation, even with

my parents or me. He gets shy around people he's known his entire

life. You have get him started, then he can almost manage a normal

human conversation.

"No," he said and he looked over at me with the most pathetic face I'd

ever seen, "I have pretty much realized that that is never going to

happen." He sounded sad, but not in an acute way. He

seemed...resigned. Like he really had given up on the opposite sex. My

heart broke for him. He was so smart and he could be funny when he

allowed himself to be. He could be cute if he dressed himself

properly. There was no reason for him to give up. I felt like I was

going to cry. I reached over and gave his hand a squeeze.

"Don't think like that Sammy, you will have a beautiful girlfriend

someday very soon. I know it. And someday you will get married and

have an army of cute little nerdy children with glasses and pocket

protectors," I said. He laughed a little and I felt better, even

though I was pretty sure I hadn't convinced him of anything.

It was around ten in the morning when I parked my car outside of my

dorm. I had begged my dad to let me move off campus for my sophomore

year. I knew a bunch of people and could have stayed at any number of

houses. But he said he didn't like the things that happened at

off-campus housing and said I would be in the dorms at least through

my junior year. Like you can't get drunk in a dorm or something!

Sometimes, my dad is kind of dense.

Luckily, two girls that I knew, Adrienne and Carrie, were both on

full-ride academic scholarships. Because they were on scholarship,

they received a grant to pay for their student housing. They'd lose

the grant if they moved off campus so they stayed in the dorms as

well. Since we were friendly (if not friends) we got a suite together.

The suite was on the fifth floor of a large brick building and it had

four rooms. There was a living room with a small kitchen essentially

in one corner, a bathroom with a slim shower stall, and then two

bedrooms. We'd had a coin flip to start the year and I'd won. So I had

a private room and Adrienne and Carrie shared the other.

We took Sammy's duffel bag up to the dorm and dropped it in the living

room. I'd already discussed it with Adrienne and Carrie, and they were

cool with Sammy sleeping on the couch. When we came up, Adrienne and

Carrie were sitting on the couch watching television.

"Hey Lynn" Adrienne said, "Is this the rug rat?" she pointed to my

brother. He almost flinched away from her finger and Adrienne laughed.

She was the boisterous and friendly roommate. She was very pretty with

long black hair, grey eyes, and olive skin. She was tall and lithe

with small breasts and pretty legs that she poured into tight jeans to

show off her small, muscled butt.

"You're giving him a complex," Carrie said. She was the sweet and shy

roommate. Not shy by my brother's standard, but by normal human

standards. Carrie was short and curvy with long auburn hair and green

eyes. She was almost as pale as my brother, but she pulled it off

better, like a Victorian-era lady or something.

"Yeah this is Sammy," I said, throwing his bag on the floor, "Sammy

this is Adrienne and this is Carrie." He stared at them blankly. His

lips moved a little, but he didn't say anything.

"Nice to meet you," Carrie said, finally. Adrienne smiled and nodded.

"Same to you," My brother said in a squeaky little voice. Adrienne

looked like she was about to make a joke, but I shook my head. She

would think it was funny and wouldn't mean to hurt, but any little

teasing would crush Sammy. We stood awkwardly and quietly for a few

moments. It was like Sammy was capable of bringing discomfort with


"So what are you guys doing today?" Adrienne asked finally.

"Oh you know, doing the tour thing. Taking him out to Florentine's for

lunch, not really sure exactly," I said.

"What are you kids doing tonight?" Adrienne asked, "Are the Sampson

children going to go wild on a Friday night at the state college?"

"No," Sammy said and I was surprised, "I don't much like parties."

Well that was the end of that. I was hoping to take him out, to loosen

him up and make him see the opportunities that were available in

college. No dice.

"Well Adrienne and I are staying in tonight. Habitat for Humanity in

the morning. If you guys want to hang out with us this evening, that's

cool," Carrie said. I thanked them and then dragged my brother out of

the dorm. We might not be able to go to a party tonight, but I wasn't

going to let him hang out in his room all day. It wasn't like he was

at home.

As I promised I took my brother out to Florentine's. It's a

surprisingly good, and inexpensive, Italian restaurant that is sort of

a hangout for the students at my school. He looked sullen most of the

time, but that was normal. He seemed to like the food. When we were

done eating we checked out the things I knew he'd like. I showed him

the library and the computer labs. We walked around the gardens

(though they didn't look great in the winter) and the portrait

gallery. We even looked in some of the darkened classrooms and dining

facilities. I kept him away from the things most people would want to

see, the bars and the frat houses.

But it was nice. During the day he started to warm up a bit. We had a

conversation, an honest to god talk, about college. What he was

looking and everything else. I knew from what he was saying that my

school could be a decent fit for him. That's the nice thing about a

big college; there is plenty of space for everyone.

"I told dad I wanted to go to that little school we took you to in

Springfield," he explained as the sun was starting to go down, "The

little liberal arts college. I did it just to get a rise out of him."

He explained and I laughed. My dad was paranoid.

"Where do you want to go? Here?" I asked and he shook his head.

"I want to go to an urban school somewhere, like New York or Boston or

something. I just, I like being anonymous. I want to go somewhere

where no one would notice me," he explained. I guess I knew that

feeling. But I felt bad for him. Part of his problem was that he was

already too anonymous. He needed to branch out.

"Don't go trying to disappear on me little brother," I said, "I love

you and if you try to become completely anonymous, I will hunt you

down and find you." Then he did something very strange. He reached

over and grabbed my hand and held it.

"I love you too sis," he said, "Sometimes you're the only person I

love, but I do love you." I was touched. I mean, I really felt lovely

when he said that. And we walked the rest of the way back to the dorm,

hand in hand.

We arrived back at the dorm around 5:30 and the sun was almost

completely out of the sky. Carrie was still sitting on the couch

watching television, but I didn't see Adrienne anywhere. Carrie didn't

look like she'd moved all day and she stretched and yawned when she

saw us.

"How was the tour?" she asked. Sammy shrugged.

"It was fine," I said, "We ran into that mouth-breather guy who likes

you at the library."

"Oh God!" Carrie said and we both started giggling. Then I heard

Adrienne's voice.

"Hey Carrie, are we taking your care to Habitat tomorrow? I was

just...Oh!" I turned and looked Adrienne was walking out of the

bathroom. She had clearly just showered. She had a towel wrapped

around the top of her breasts but it was incredibly short. A triangle

of flesh was exposed on the open side and one entire ass cheek was in

the open air. If she moved slightly, she vagina would have been

clearly visible. Normally this wouldn't have been a huge issue. I, and

to a greater extent Carrie, would have liked Adrienne to be more

discreet, but if it was just us girls, who care? The problem was


I looked over at him and he was staring at Adrienne's hip. His eyes

were wide as saucer's and I swear his mouth was actually hanging open.

This was probably the closest he'd ever come to a naked woman and I

think I could feel his heart beating.

"What are you doing?" I said, laughing, "You knew my brother was going

to be here, you pervert." Adrienne put on a shocked face.

"How was I supposed to know you'd be back? You're the pervert, staring

at me!' she said and I saw Sammy look away quickly, even though

Adrienne was talking to me.

"Whatever," I said, "Go get changed." And Adrienne went into her

bedroom. She came out a few minutes later in soft pajama pants and a

tank top. He outfit was almost identical to what Carrie was wearing,

except Carrie had a t-shirt on instead of a tank top. They looked


"I am going to put my pajamas on too," I said, "I will get changed in

my room. You can get more comfortable if you'd like Sammy. Just use

the bathroom. Please don't come out half naked, that is Adrienne's

job." Adrienne stuck her tongue out at me as I went to my room. I came

back out a few minutes later wearing a pair of tight gym shorts and a

long-sleeved t-shirt. Sammy was already back, wearing sweat pants and

a t-shirt. Both black, as fit his sense of style (if you could call it


We sat around for a while and watched television. I ordered a pizza

and we all ate dinner. For a while the girls tried to get Sammy to

talk. I did as well. But it was no use, he was too shy. Eventually,

even Adrienne started to give up.

I was thinking about my brother's eyes when Adrienne walked out of the

shower. He clearly found her attractive. He hadn't given up on girls

because he didn't think they were sexy, he did it because talking to

girls stressed him out too much. If there was just some way I could

show him that talking to girls didn't have to be difficult, that it

could be fun, I'd maybe make his trip here worthwhile. But how did I

do that? Then I thought of something.

"Let's play a game!" I said. Sammy would be forced to talk, and maybe

even attempt to flirt, if we played a board game or something.

"Yeah, this show sucks," Carrie said and clicked it off, "What do you

want to play?"

"I don't know. We have Risk, Monopoly, and Scrabble. But I am not in

the mood for Scrabble," I said. Scrabble is a quiet game; we needed

something that required talking.

"Ah! No Board games let's play something else. How about Kings!"

Adrienne said. I shook my head.

"Even if we wanted to we don't have any alcohol. How do you play a

boring drinking game sober?" I asked. I looked at Sammy out of the

corner of my eye. He was watching everything happen, but didn't seem

to be taking much of a rooting interest in anything.

"Well I won't play if we play a board game," Adrienne said.

"How about Poker?" I asked. Everyone else groaned at once.

"You always win, that's no fun," Carrie said and I laughed. It was

true, but I still would have liked to play.

"I know!" Adrienne said, "I played this game with some people last

week. You know that game 'never have I ever?' well it's like that,

except you have dares mixed in!" I was just about to decline to play

that game when my brother spoke up.

"I don't know that game," Sammy said and I was shocked to hear him

talk. Adrienne was so excited about her idea that she didn't even

notice that Sammy was awkward, she just engaged him, which is what I

was looking for.

"Oh I'm sorry," she said, "Okay so like everyone will put up a hand

and then whoever's turn it is will say something like 'never have I

ever eaten a peach pie,' and if you ate a peach pie then you have to

put your hand down. You can play it with beer, so like if you put your

hand down you have to drink."

"We aren't drinking," I said. Adrienne turned to me and rolled her eyes.

"I know that Lynn!" she said in an exaggerated tone, "That's why I

said it can be played with dares. If you play it that way, anytime you

play a round everyone who puts their hands down it 'out.' Whoever is

out, they have to do a dare that the people are 'in' make up together.

So like on that last thing. If Carrie and I put our hands down because

we both have eaten peach pie and the Sampson Siblings kept their hands

up because they are sociopaths who've never had peach pie, the brother

and sister team has to come up with a dare for Carrie and me to do."

She said it all in one breath; it was exhausting just to hear her.

"I don't know," Carrie said, she looked a little nervous about the

room this game had for potential dangers. I was about to add my voice

to the chorus, when I saw that Sammy looked a little bit excited. He

was staring at Adrienne in the same way he had when she was nearly

naked. Like she'd accidentally forgotten he existed and he was going

to get to take advantage of it. I wasn't happy about this game, but

I'd do it for my brother.

"Come on Carrie, it's this or more Jersey Shore," I said. And now it

was Carrie's turn to roll her eyes.

"Fine, let's play," she said. I didn't ask Sammy, I just assumed he

was on board and figured he didn't want me to point out his presence

to the girls.

"I will go first since it was my idea," Adrienne said and we all

booed. She laughed and said, "hands up everybody. Okay, never have I

ever... slept in Lynn's dorm room when she was out of town!" Adrienne

said and the laughed. Carrie blushed as her hand slowly went to her


"You bitch!" I said, "I can't believe you slept in my bed!" I was

trying not to giggle, I could care less if she took a nap in my bed.

"I cleaned the sheets! It was because Adrienne had a boy over. It was

her fault," Carrie said. I shot a look at Adrienne and she just


"Carrie is the only one out, so we have to make a dare for her,"

Adrienne explained. So Adrienne, Sammy and I huddled up and decided on

a dare. Since my bed was defiled, I got to announce it.

"Carrie, we dare you to take off your tank-top and play the rest of

the game in your bra!" I said. It was harmless, and I knew that Sammy

would get a kick out of it. Carrie's fair skin turned a deep crimson.

"I don't know..." Carrie said, and I saw her eye dark to Sammy.

"He's seen way more of Adrienne than he will see of you," I said.

Carrie saw that we weren't going to budge. Deftly she slipped her tank

top up over her head and threw it onto the floor. She was wearing a

pretty pink demi-bra with white lace. Her breasts looked large and

round in it. Sammy noticed as well, but did a decent job of hiding his


"I think we should let Carrie go next, she is half-nude," Adrienne said.

"Fine," Carrie said looking right at Adrienne, "Never have I ever had

sex in Lynn's bed when she was out of town." Now I was actually pretty


"I assume you didn't wash the sheets," I said to Adrienne and she gave

me a devilish smile. I looked around and saw, thankfully, Adrienne's

hand was the only one down.

"Shouldn't you have a hand down, Lynn? I am sure you've fucked in your

bed. I mean three weeks ago..." Adrienne started but I cut her off.

"She said while I was out of town. It is impossible for me to have sex

in my bed when I am not in it," I said. I didn't really want to talk

about my sex life in front of Sammy. I was a little nervous about

where this was going.

"Fine, come up with a dare then," Adrienne said. We huddled together.

Sammy didn't do much talking, but Carrie and I came up with one.

Carrie announced it.

"Adrienne, we dare you to moon out our window for thirty second! Pull

the window down too, the December weather is good for your ass!"

Carrie said and we all giggled. Even Sammy laughed a bit.

Adrienne moved like she wanted to prove she was stronger than Carrie

had been. When she reached our window, she pulled it down quickly and

turned. The freezing air poured in and I wrapped my arms around my

chest. Adrienne pulled down the back of her pajama pants and pushed

her ass out the window. It was darkening outside, but there were

lights on the side of the building. Our dorm faced into the middle of

the quad and we heard someone laugh and we hoped it was because of

Adrienne's ass. I noticed that Sammy wasn't watching Adrienne, his

eyes were on Carrie's chest, where the cold breeze from the window had

made Carrie's nipples hard. She didn't notice.

After 30 seconds, Adrienne hiked up her pants and slipped the window

closed. We gave her a hearty round of applause and I threw her a

blanket. She was clearly freezing, but pretending she wasn't. She

wrapped herself up and then looked at me.

"You're turn," she said around chattering teeth.

"Never have I ever...stuck my ass out the window in December," I said

and then quickly waved my hands and giggled, "just kidding. No. Never

have I ever... kissed a girl." I said. This was true. I wasn't the

kind of girl who makes out with girls just to get a rise out of guys.

But I knew that my roommates had once made out when they were drunk

(to Carrie's sober mortification) to impress one of Adrienne's

boyfriends. I also had a supposition about my brother. And I saw that

Carrie and Adrienne's hand drop and they looked embarrassed, but my

brother's hand was still up (his face was SO RED).

"Really? Never?" Adrienne asked, clearly for my brother.

"No I haven't," I said quickly, I wasn't out to embarrass him. I

didn't confer with Sammy, I just let them know the dare, "I dare you,

Adrienne and Carrie, to both kiss my brother once." I said. It had

worked out just like I'd planned. If he wasn't going to talk to the

girls during this game, I was going to jump him ahead a step.

I think Sammy was pleasantly surprised that Adrienne didn't balk. She

walked right over to the couch where he was sitting, sat down next to

him and grabbed his head. She turned my brother's face towards her

own, closed her eyes and leaned forward. Their lips met and I saw that

Sammy trying to give her a little smooch. But Adrienne was forceful.

She ran her tongue along his lip until he opened his mouth and then

Adrienne dipped her tongue into his mouth. They kissed for about ten

seconds, then Adrienne moved back to where she'd come from. Sammy

looked more than a little dazed and I smiled.

Just as Adrienne moved away Carrie moved forward. She sat in the same

spot as Adrienne had sat and blushed. Neither wanted to make the first

move, but I knew my brother better than Carrie did. Finally, she

turned and put her lips against his. It was the smooch that Sammy had

tried to get from Adrienne, their pursed lips pressed together for a

few seconds and then they parted. It was sweet. When Carrie moved back

to her chair, Sammy had a dreamy little smile on his face.

"Sammy, it's your turn," Adrienne said. For a minute, he didn't seem

to realize that she was talking to him. Then he started to blush.

"Oh, I don't know, I don't have any good ideas," Sammy said, staring

down at his feet.

"Don't be a wimp!" Adrienne said. Carrie shot her a look. I was happy

because she saved me the effort of scolding.

"It doesn't have to be really good or anything, it just has to be

something," Carrie explained, "We are all just going to answer it. So

don't worry." Sammy seemed to actually consider what she said.

"Okay," he said and then paused for a few seconds while he thought. I

think it was while he was thinking that he realized the huge advantage

he had by being male and also being younger than everyone else, "never

have I ever... sucked a cock."

I was sort of shocked to hear him say that. But he was clearly horny

from the kisses I had asked Adrienne and Carrie to give him and it was

a logical progression in the game. Anyway, all three of our hands went

down. I know I was blushing then. I knew my brother was thinking about

me giving someone a blowjob. He had a little smile on his face; he was

enjoying this at least.

"Now the dare," Adrienne said, "It's all on you." Sammy took another

few moments to think about his options. He looked at the three of us.

"Okay," he said and he looked bolder somehow, like he was engaged. I

wondered if it had to do with the fact that he was turned on. I had to

admit to myself I was a little turned on, with all this talk of sex,

"I dare you three to... flash me." And I heard Carrie groan. It took

me a second to realize what he'd requested.

"Even me?" I asked. That was kind of weird.

"I want to be fair," he said. I looked at Carrie and Adrienne. Of

course, Adrienne just shrugged, grabbed the bottom of her shirt and

lifted it up. She wasn't wearing a bra and her small, teardrop breasts

dropped out of her shirt. Her nipples were small and hard and she

looked quite beautiful. She put her shirt back down. My brother turned

to look at Carrie. For a second she just sat and blushed. Then, she

slipped her fingers into the cups of her bra and pulled down quickly.

Her breasts popped out, exposing big pink nipples and large round

breasts. The she quickly stuffed her breasts back into the bra.

Then all eyes were on me. Sammy was staring at me and he had a strange

look in his eye. I think that it might have been lust. I have to

admit, that I felt a sexy chill run through my body when his eyes fell

on me. I felt the same about the two girls looking at me. I wanted

them to want to look at my body. I quickly pulled off my long-sleeve

t-shirt. I was wearing a black bra with a front clasp. My heart was

beating now and I felt a sort of sick excitement mixed with fear. But

I reached up and unclasped the bra. I grabbed the two cups and pulled

them away from my breasts. I looked down and saw my round pink areolas

and longish nipples, my small but perky breasts and felt proud of my

body. I felt Adrienne, Carrie, and Sammy's eyes on me and I looked up

at them. They all looked at me hungrily. I close my bra back up, but

felt strange. I could feel the moisture between my legs and realized I

was very turned on! In front of my brother!

"You all have pretty bodies," Sammy said and he blushed.

"He is so cute!" Adrienne said and he just blushed harder. I was sort

of proud of him for making the compliment. And I actually felt glad he

liked how my body looked. That was a weird thought. Suddenly I

realized the room felt very hot (all the cold from Adrienne's mooning

had dissipated). It felt muggy in the room and smelled a little like

arousal. This was getting weird. But I didn't want it to stop.

"Ok Adrienne, your turn," I said. I turned to hear and her cheeks

looked flushed. Carrie was the same. I realized we were all getting

turned on with our naughty little game. This had gotten sexy so

quickly; I didn't even realize how odd it was. This was not the sort

of thing I did with my roommates! But I'd wanted something like this

for my brother, so I had to keep going.

"Never have I ever," Adrienne said, "masturbated in my sibling's

room," I looked around and saw that Sammy's hand was down! He was my

only sibling. He had masturbated in my room?

"What?" I asked.

"I knew it!" Adrienne said, "I totally can tell that dudes like to do

stuff like that. They crank it in weird places!" I was looking at my

brother and he was blushing, but he was giving a sly little smile too.

I felt a little grossed out. But also a little intrigued. Why had he

masturbated there? What did he think about?

"Sorry sis," he mumbled, "I just want to do it in a room that smelled

like a girl." He explained and Carrie and Adrienne giggled. I was

dumbfounded. My brother, masturbating with my smell in his nose. I was

a little disgusted that it turned me on even more.

"Come on, huddle up for the dare," Adrienne said. This was Sammy's

first dare, so we discussed it for a while. I will have you know that

I fought against the dare; I said it was gross and a bad idea and

begged them not to do it. I was shocked by how quickly I felt this was

spinning out of control. But they took a vote and I lost. Finally,

Adrienne got to deliver the challenge.

"Sammy, we dare you," Carrie said, "to show us your dick." Sammy's

eyes got very wide and he made a small choking sound in the back of

his throat.

"I...uh..." he managed to say. He looked at me for a moment, then his

eyes darted away, mortified.

"Come on, you made us show you our tits, even Lynn had to show her

tits. This is really the least you can do," Adrienne said, putting her

hands on her hips.

"Lynn..." Sammy started and I looked at him and shrugged.

"This is so embarrassing," Sammy said and then he hooked his thumbs

into his sweatpants. He was actually going to do it. I don't even know

how to describe the feeling I had when I saw that. I was happy he was

into it, but I didn't want to embarrass him. And I didn't want to see

his cock. I didn't think I wanted to see his cock. I kept looking at

my feet.

"Holy shit!" Adrienne said and I looked over at her. Her eyes were

wide and her mouth was a little slack. Carrie had the same look on her


"What?" I asked.

"He's got a huge dick," Adrienne said. I turned quickly and looked. My

brother was on the couch with his sweat pants and boxer shorts pulled

down to about mid-thigh. His cock was hard and standing straight up

out of his lap. Adrienne wasn't kidding. My tiny, nerdy little brother

had a huge dick. I am no virgin (nor a slut), I've seen my share of

dicks. And his was the biggest. It was around 8.5 to 9 inches long.

Not only that, but it was thick, maybe 2.5 inches in diameter at its

thickest point. The circumcised tip was red and glistening with

pre-cum. Sammy looked incredulous.

"I have a big dick?" he asked. I realized that he was probably the

only person to see it since he was a baby.

"It's one of the biggest dicks I've ever seen," Adrienne said, "And

I've seen quite a few." Carrie just nodded her head. Suddenly I didn't

like these two girls staring at my brother. He was smiling and looking

proud of himself as he slid his big dick back into his boxers. I saw

it straining against his sweatpants now; I still couldn't believe how

big it was compared to how tiny he is. I wanted to move on.

"Carrie, it's your turn," I said, and my voice sounded thicker that

I'd expected.

"Right," Carrie said, "Sorry. Umm... Never have I ever... masturbated

while thinking of a family member." It was a shocking question. I

didn't know what Carrie was thinking. Then Adrienne spoke.

"You rat! I told you about that in confidence!" she said, but she was

smiling. But her hand was down, "My cousin Ricky is really cute okay."

I giggled at that. So naughty. Then I looked; Sammy's hand was down as

well. One of our relatives? I couldn't believe it. It could even be...

"Who was it for you?" Carrie asked, also looking at Sammy. For a

moment, Sammy's eyes darted to me, then down at his feet.

"I don't have to answer, I mean that wasn't part of the rules," he

said. I felt my stomach churning. He didn't have to say it. We all

knew what happened.

"No, its cool," Adrienne said slyly and smiled at me. Then Carrie and

I huddled up to come up with a dare for Sammy and Adrienne. My stomach

was all butterflies and my panties were soaked through. What was wrong

with me? I mean, I know sex talk turns me on, but this was not okay.

Carrie and I were both a little timid at this point, so we came up

with a dare we thought might slow things down. I delivered it.

"Okay, Sammy and Adrienne, I dare the two of you," I said, "to switch

clothes!" We thought it would be funny to see Adrienne Sammy's baggy,

but short, sweats and Sammy in Adrienne's girly shirt. We didn't

expect what happened. We didn't expect them to get naked in the living

room. In a quick motion, Adrienne's shirt was on the floor, and then

she quickly shimmied out of her pajama pants. Finally, she threw a

tiny red thong onto the floor. She was standing in front of us

completely naked. I'd seen little bits and pieces of her naked, but

never seen her completely nude. She was gorgeous, with slim body lines

and a tiny, pink shaved pussy. My head was swimming. Sammy was staring

at her as well.

"Hey I am naked here, want to give me those clothes," she said to

Sammy after a few moments. He shook his head like he was waking from a

dream, smiled sheepishly, and pulled off his shirt. He was bright red

all over from blushing. Next he took off his sweatpants and boxers in

one motion and set them on the floor. He was thin and pale and

completely devoid of chest hair. His monstrously large cock was still

hard and looked even more absurdly huge now that he was standing.

Adrienne picked his clothes up and quickly put them on. She looked

absurd with the cuffs of the pants falling just below her knees, but

billowing out around the waist. Sammy bent over and picked up

Adrienne's t-shirt and threw it on. It was a little loose in the chest

area and a little long on him. He bent over to pick up the pajama

pants and threw the panties to the side.

"No way, you have to put those on too. I put on your boxers and they

are damp!" Adrienne said and we all giggled nervously.

"Tough luck," Sammy said and slipped on the long pajama pants. I was

sort of proud of him for standing up for himself. But I was too busy

laughing at how absurd they looked to say anything else.

"Come on Lynn," Sammy said, pushing the action for once, "It's your turn."

"Uh, never have I ever," I said. And I wanted this to be a good one. I

was so horny at this point that I was no longer thinking straight. The

room was downright humid and the sexual tension was thick. My tummy

felt light and I felt like I was spinning. "Watched porn." I was a

little surprised when Adrienne's hand stayed up, from what I was

seeing of her today, she was very sexual. But I was more surprised

when Carrie's hand went down. Along with my brother (which I kind of


"Woah! Carrie, you watched porn?" Adrienne asked.

"She didn't say watched porn regularly, she just said watch porn. I've

watched porn before, so what?" Carrie said defensively.

"What's the dare?" Sammy asked, ignoring the controversy. Adrienne and

I huddled up and made a decision. By this time I was completely past

the point of self-control. I let Adrienne pick whatever she wanted.

"Okay," she said, "Carrie I dare you to stroke Sammy's cock for ten

seconds!" She said. No one made a sound. Carrie and Sammy looked at

one another and then looked away. They clearly didn't want to do it.

But Adrienne crossed her arms in front of her chest. I didn't say a

word, although I couldn't make eye contact with Sammy.

"Okay..." Carrie said. She moved over to the couch next to Sammy.

Sammy didn't move a muscle. He seemed completely frozen by fear.

Adrienne's pajama pants (the ones that Sammy was now wearing) had a

fly in the front (they must've been boys pajama pants, I don't know).

Carrie furtively stuck her hand into the hole of the pajama pants and

fished around for a second. I saw Sammy tense. In a few seconds,

Sammy's cock was out of his pants through the fly. Carrie's hand was

wrapped around the base. Slowly she started to slide her hand up and

down on my brother's cock. His eyes were closed and he let out a soft

sigh. The cock looked big in Carrie's delicate little hands. I

wondered how the cock would feel sliding between my own fingers or

into my...

"Ten seconds," Carrie said and released my brother's cock. For a

moment Sammy seemed too stunned to move. Then he quickly shifted his

cock back into his pants.

"Wow, that was kind of hot," Adrienne said, "Now I know why you watch

porn." Sammy adjusted himself, and then quickly got back into the


"Never have I ever had sex," Sammy said. It was kind of a startling

confession (though everyone could have guessed as much). I think he

just wanted to give us all a dare. And he got to do it, as Adrienne,

Carrie, and I dropped our hands.

"Carrie and Adrienne," he said almost immediately, "I dare you to suck

on my sister's nipples for twenty seconds." He said. I almost moaned.

I was so horny, my clothes felt like they were too hot on my body. And

I have incredibly sensitive nipples. This was going to be tough.

"Oh you are going to pay for this little man," Adrienne said, but she

didn't sound angry. She had a wicked little grin on her face. I lifted

my shirt up over my head and threw it in the corner. I unhooked my bra

again and threw it off. Then my breasts were just open in the middle

of the room. I felt Sammy's eyes on them, part of me wanted his eyes

there. I thought about his cock sliding up between them. Then I tried

to shake out of it. This was my brother; I'd never had feelings like

this before. I was some kind of horny drunk I'd never experienced

before, its power was overwhelming.

While I was thinking about this, I felt hot warmth on my left nipple.

I looked down and saw Adrienne's beautiful eyes looking up at me. Her

mouth was closed around my nipple and I could feel her tongue flicking

it. My entire body vibrated along with that nipple. Then, a few

seconds later, I felt that same feeling on my other nipple and turned

to see Carrie, eyes closed, with her pretty little mouth on my chest.

I closed my eyes and arched my back. I just luxuriated in the warmth

and wetness of their tongues. Then, suddenly, the cool air was on my

nipples. I opened my eyes.

"Twenty seconds," Adrienne said. I quickly put my bra back on, but

left the shirt off. I didn't think it was worth it at this point.

"Is that what you wanted?" I asked my brother and he just gave me a

sheepish grin.

"Never mind, I told your little brother he was going to pay, now he

is," Adrienne said, "Never have I ever been named Sampson."

"Oh come on, that is so lame!" I said. But when I saw Sammy put his

hand down, I did as well.

"That's what I thought!" Adrienne said. Carrie moved over towards her

to huddle up for a conference on the dare, but before she had a

chance, Adrienne spoke, "Lynn I dare you to make out with your brother

for 25 seconds," she said. Somehow I had almost sensed that was what

she was going to say. And I was terrified. This was already out of

hand, now I had to make out with my brother. I considered balking at

it, but I remembered what everyone else had already done. If I backed

out now, it would be truly unfair.

"You guys don't have to," Carrie said, sensing my discomfort.

"No come on, I had to put my ass out the window, flash everyone, take

off my clothes, and lick Lynn's nipples. They are going to make out,"

Adrienne said and she said it so definitively that I knew there was no


I moved to sit next to my brother. For a moment we just sat there. My

heart was pounding and my palms were sweating. I hadn't been this

nervous to kiss someone since the moments before my first kiss.

Finally, I turned my head towards his and closed my eyes. A few

moments later I felt his soft lips graze mine. I opened my mouth and

let instinct take over. I rubbed my tongue against his lips and when

he parted them, against his teeth. Then his tongue was against mine

and I felt the sandpapery feel of his taste buds. I felt his hand on

my waist and I put a hand on his shoulder. I dug my tongue deep into

his mouth and let him do the same for me. I pulled him close, I want

to eat up all of his kiss. And... a hand was on my shoulder, shaking


"Yo," Adrienne's voice was saying, "25 seconds is long over, didn't

you hear me?" She asked. I opened my eyes and moved away from my

brother. I looked at him and saw embarrassment. I looked at my

roommates and saw Adrienne giving me a naughty look and Carrie looked

embarrassed to have seen anything. Suddenly, the realization of what

was happening hit me. I was seducing my brother, or allowing other

people to seduce him for me. Or something. The room was almost moving

with sexual electricity. This was terribly wrong. Everything I was

feeling was wrong and evil. I felt hot tears start to run down my


"I am sorry," I choked, " I don't feel so well. I am not behaving like

myself. It is almost 11, I am going to go to bed." Then in a shot I

was up and running into my bedroom. I closed the door behind me and

threw my face in the pillow. What was going on? I cried until there

were no more tears.

For a long time it was quiet in the living room. I heard the three of

them talking softly. Then I heard the door to Adrienne and Claire's

bedroom open. I heard them both say goodnight and heard the door close

behind them. I heard my brother getting his bedding and everything

ready. I saw the light go out under the door and everything was

silent. And the worst part was I was still unimaginably horny. Nothing

had changed that. It just deepened my shame.

For a long while I just tried to sleep. I though that maybe if I fell

asleep I'd wake up in the morning and it would be like nothing

happened. My roommates would remember what happened. I'd forgive

myself for acting foolishly. And I would stop thinking about my

brother's cock and daydreaming about it sliding in and out of my wet

pussy. But it was no use.

I'd tossed and turned for well over an hour when I heard a soft knock

on the door. Then it opened and I saw my brother slink in. I turned my

bedside light on and sat up in bed, pulling the covers up over my

chest even though I was still wearing my bra and gym shorts. Sammy was

back in his own pajamas. For a long while we just stood there


"I'm sorry about everything," he said. I was confused. I was clearly

in the wrong, he hadn't done anything wrong.

"Why are you sorry, I was the one being a creep," I said.

"No, I made you... well we both know what I made you do. I shouldn't

have. It was wrong. And I am sorry. Don't tell me I shouldn't be

sorry, just accept the apology or reject it," he said and I smiled.

"I accept your apology if you accept mine," I said and he nodded, "So

are we back to normal now? Like can we put this behind us?"

"Yeah," he said, "I think so." He turned and started to walk back to

the living room to go to sleep. I still felt strange, but I think we

could have stopped it then. But I couldn't.

"Hey, wait a second," I said. There was a question I wanted to ask, I

needed to ask, while I was still sort of in a fog, "You said you

masturbated while you thought about a family member. Who was it?" He

blushed; I could even see it in the low light of my bedside lamp. He

didn't say anything for a long time.

"You," he said finally, in a voice barely above a whisper. I had

suspected as much, but I needed to hear him say it for some reason.

"Why me?" I asked.

"Why not you?" he responded quickly, "You are the most beautiful girl

in the world. I love you and you love me back." He said, catching

himself and becoming quiet. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a

compliment more than that one. I felt positively radiant.

"Most beautiful?" I asked.

"And you're smart and funny and sensitive and everything else. You are

perfect," he said, finally finishing his thought.

"And you are wonderful too," I said, "Some girl really is going to be

lucky to have you someday."

"I don't want some girl," he said, "I only want you." And that's when

I realized something was going to happen. My heart rate shot up and

all of the shame and embarrassment I'd been feeling drained away. Just

the animal sexuality remained.

I let the blanket drop from my chest, exposing my bra and the tops of

my breasts. My brother was standing at the end of my bed. I got up on

my hands and knees and started to crawl towards him. My brother froze.

"Lynn, what are you doing," he said, but his eyes were following my

ass as moved left and right as I crawled towards him. When I reached

the end of the bed, I slipped my hands into the top of his sweat

pants. I pulled them down quickly and his hard cock stood out proud

from his body.

"Nothing you don't want baby brother," I said in my sexiest voice,

"the instant you want this to stop, just say the word." I looked up at

him with my widest-eye look, trying to put on a sexy, doe-eyed face.

It must've worked, he didn't say a word, or move.

I looked at his cock now. It was just as long and thick as I

remembered it. It veins stood out strongly against his pale white

skin. His balls hung down low, heavy with cum. The tip was a light

pink color and I saw a single thick drip of pre-cum boiling over the

top. I wanted to taste it.

I reached forward and grasped his cock at the base. I felt his whole

body shudder, but still he didn't stop me. His balls felt soft and hot

again my hand and his shaft was rigid and smooth between my fingers. I

looked at the top of his cock and licked the messy tip. He shook and

breathed in sharply. He tasted salty and dirty. I loved it.

"Sis, please suck my cock!" he begged. An electric thrill ran through

my body. Those were perhaps the nastiest words I'd ever heard strung

together. And I wanted to give him what he wanted. I opened my mouth

put the tip of his cock inside. I swirled my tongue around on it,

lapping up the rest of his cum. I closed my eyes, and slowly started

to slide my mouth down over his bulging shaft.

I felt my brother's hands jump up and rest on my shoulder. Inch my

inch his smooth cock slid into my mouth. I ran my tongue along it,

feeling its heat and loving the sensation as it grazed the roof of my

mouth and finally plunged into my throat. I gagged and pulled the cock

out. I heard my brother groaning. Then, faster, I began to move the

cock in and out of my throat. I ran my tongue against the base of his

cock, feeling the urethra on my tongue.

That's where I felt his orgasm first. I had his cock deep in my

throat, my eyes running from being gagged. I felt his urethra pulsate.

Then I felt his balls seize up on my chin. I slid the cock back so

that the tip was resting in my mouth and the first hot spurt of cum

splashed onto my tongue and painted the insides of my cheeks. The cum

kept going, spurt after spurt. Big, thick streams of cum with lots of

pressure, some even shot straight down my throat. My brother's hands

tightened on my shoulders and I could hear him groaning. Finally, the

last few drops of cum dripped out of my brother's cock and into my


My mouth was full of cum when Sammy's cock finally popped out of it.

The cum was thick and salty and still tasted hot. I looked up at my

brother, who was absolutely dazed and showed him the cum pooled in his

sister's mouth. His eyes widened. Then I closed my mouth and swallowed

it all down. I opened my mouth again, to show my brother that his seed

was in my belly.

"Sis, that was the best thing ever," he said. I smiled and pulled him

down onto the bed. We moved so that we were lying up on my pillows,

next to one another.

"You tell me when you are ready to go again, and we can do something

else," I said. I was so horny still; I needed his cock inside of me.

"What do you mean?" he asked, and I sighed. Typical guy, he got what he wanted.

"I mean once you know, you've recovered we can do something else. We

don't have to..."

"Oh you mean you aren't ready to go again?" he asked confused, "But I

didn't even touch you yet."

"No, I mean guys usually need some time to recover," I explained.

"I don't," he said, "What did you want to do?" he asked. Now this was

a fun development.

"Fuck me baby brother," I said and I turned and kissed him on the

mouth. At the same time I reached between my breasts and unhooked my

bra. I felt my brother's tongue all over my mouth and melted into him.

I threw off my bra. I pushed him over onto his back, breaking our

kiss. I leaned over him, letting my nipple dangle just above his face.

He took the invitation, taking my left nipple into his mouth and

sucking it gently. He reached over with his left hand and started to

knead my other breasts and play with my nipple.

"Oh god yes!" I moaned and arched my back. I started to grind my pussy

against Sammy's leg, I needed him bad. When I couldn't take it any

longer, I sat up, I heard my nipple pop out of Sammy' mouth.

"Take your shirt off," I demanded. At the same time I pulled his sweat

pants and boxers back down off of his cock and threw them on the

floor. Then I slipped out of my gym shorts. My brother's eyes went

immediately to my little pussy. I have a tiny little clit and dark red

lips. The lips are tight and my clit was hard. I was waxed bare. I

needed to fuck.

My brother started to move but I put a hand on his thin chest and

straddled his hips. My pussy was hovering over his cock now. I knew he

wanted it, but I wasn't going to rush this. I felt my pussy drip on

his cock and he knew how bad I wanted him. Finally, I started to lower

myself onto him. I shuddered when his cock first brushed against my

aching pussy.

"Holy shit!" I moaned. Then the big, hard, bulbous head of my

brother's cock first entered me. It was an indescribable feeling.

First, his cock was big and it stretched me to the limit. Then, the

entire situation was just so dirty and wrong; it made me want it more.

"Lynn this feels so good!" My brother yelled and I put my hand over

his mouth. There were still other people in the dorm. Slowly I moved

down, letting my brother's cock slide deeper and deeper into my cunt.

He kept stretching me out, going farther than any man ever hand into

me. Finally, I felt my ass rest on his legs and I knew he was

completely inside of me.

I leaned forward and gave me brother a sweet, sisterly kiss on the

cheek. Then I started to grind into his cock. I sat up, driving the

cock deeper into me. It felt amazing. My clit pushed down hard,

rubbing into the skin and hair above his dick. Each touch sent waves

of pleasure throughout my body. Then I started sliding so his entire

dick, except for the tip, stayed inside of my body, then I'd bring it

all down at once. He grunted with pleasure when I did it. I grabbed

his and placed them on my breasts and he played with them while we

rocked together.

Finally, that familiar feeling came over me. It started with a sudden

tightening of tension. The pleasurable shocks of lighting burst out

from inside my pussy, pulsating all over my body and I moaned loudly

in pleasure. I felt my pussy convulse, wrapping hard around my

brother's cock, milking him. That was all he needed. I felt his palms

squeeze around my breasts. Then he grunted. And I felt the hot warmth

of his cum spray inside of me. I felt him filling me up with his seed,

painting my insides. Then, the last of my orgasm faded. I rolled over

and his cock popped out of me.

We lay panting on the bed for a while. I felt his cum dripping out of

my cunt and thought it was such a delicious feeling. It was so bad and

naughty. I loved my brother more in that instant that any sister had

ever loved her brother before. And I needed more.

"Are you ready to go again baby brother?" I asked in a sexy baby

voice. I looked at his cock and it was hard against his leg.

"Anything for you sis," he said.

"Good," I replied, "Fuck me in the ass." I don't know why I said that.

I'd never done it before and never even really thought about it

before. But I wanted it now from my brother. I wanted to do everything

dirty and wrong with him. To make him know that I, a woman (a

beautiful woman according to him) needed him and wanted him.

Everywhere. In every hole.

"Really?" he asked.

"Yes, give it to me baby brother," I moaned. I was got up on my hands

and knees and reached behind me. I slide my fingers into my cunt. I

pulled out my brother cum and my own juices and then slathered them

all over my tight pink asshole. I saw my brother getting up and moving

behind me. Now his fingers were inside of me, then they were on my

asshole and I moaned as he rubbed our juices into me, lubricating me

for his cock.

The next thing I felt were his hands on my ass cheeks, spreading me

apart. Then I felt the hard tip of his cock against my wet asshole. He

was gentle, but in a few seconds the big tip of his cock was bursting

into my asshole, tearing me in half. I moaned, half in pleasure and

half in pain. But I didn't want him to stop.

"Oh fuck sis, you are so tight," he said. Then, he took a hand off of

my hip and slapped my ass, hard. I moaned and my knees felt like they

were going to buckle. That slap had been amazing. I pressed back hard,

finally driving his cock into my asshole.

My brother fucked me hard this time. He pulled his cock out and then

slammed it in. The sensation was so intense I couldn't tell if it was

pleasure or pain. I just knew there was a lot of it. I was screaming

and my arms gave out. I fell forward on the bed, my ass still sticking

in the air. My brother kept pumping his cock into my asshole.

At long last something happened. I don't know if it was an orgasm, but

it was some sort of amazing feeling. Then I felt his fingers digging

into my ass cheeks and I could hear him groaning. Then that hot

feeling as his cum splashed inside of a third hole in my body. I had

taken him everywhere and I felt amazing as I pushed myself back up

onto all fours. I was breathing heavy, feeling light-headed.

"That was awesome," I said. My brother's cock was still buried in my

asshole and he was leaning over me panting.

"I am good at it?" he asked earnestly. I looked over my shoulder and

his face and kissed his chin.

"You're great you nerd," I said and he blushed again.

"I don't know sis, maybe Dad is right, maybe this is the school for

me!" he said and I laughed. Then, I heard something. My eyes shot up

and Adrienne was standing in the doorway, with that wicked grin on her

face again.

"I thought I'd heard something," she said and she walked in and closed

the door behind her. "This is not over yet!"

The End

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