Of course not Arnold.

“Of course not Arnold. I just need one piece of information first. Tell me who manufactured my special scent and I’ll suck you dry.”

“AHH shit… it was uhh… it was Laura…Laura Stanwick, yeah that’s right she had the fourth batch, the fourth group I mean and she made yours.”

Kayla hadn’t even considered that it might be a woman and she was taken aback for a moment, but then she cleared her head and smiled. “Thank you Arnold. Hope you like this.” she leaned down again and took the head of his cock deep into her mouth, his taste nearly overpowering. She wanted to finish him off as quickly as possible so she lifted up and dropped a big dollop of saliva on his shaft and stroked the lubed up base with her right hand while sucking gently and tickling just below his cock head with her tongue. 

Kayla heard Arnold exhale loudly and felt him tense up almost immediately. He gripped the steering wheel with both hands and groaned. “Oh shit oh fuck oh good god I’m cumming” and Kayla felt the first squirt fire into the back of her throat. She quickly pulled her head up and aimed his penis away from her face, inadvertently swallowing the sticky mess in the back of her throat. She hated the taste of semen and was not happy that he didn’t warn her that he was going to shoot. He also came quicker than any guy she had ever sucked off before, under one minute. 

She watched his face as he powered through his orgasm, his cum spraying all over the front of his shirt and some splashing his pants. His eyes were shut tightly and his mouth was open in a big O shape. She had always thought that guys in the throes of orgasm made the funniest faces and this was proof. Before he was fully recovered, she slid back into her seat and checked her face in the mirror. Satisfied that she was clean, she opened the passenger door and climbed out, leaving Arnold gasping behind her. She hurried across the parking lot to her car and climbed in the drivers seat.

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