Oh keep your

“Oh keep your panties on.” She quipped, then “We need to talk, can you take a break?”

He looked around and saw that he was being watched by a couple of coworkers. “C’mon” he said and took her by the arm heading toward the door. As he walked he told another worker “Mark, I’ll be back in fifteen minutes, I’m taking my break.”

Apparently Mark wasn’t too happy with that because he quickly pointed out that it wasn’t time to take a break.

Arnold looked angrily at Mark and snapped back “I don’t take smoking breaks like half the other people in here so I guess it won’t hurt if I take one fifteen minute break.”

Kayla could tell that Mark was not used to being talked to like that and she was impressed with Arnold. She didn’t think he had it in him. She smiled slyly as he led her out of the lab and down the hall. Soon, they were out in the parking lot and he led her to his car, a compact foreign car. He unlocked the doors with a push of a button, put her in the passenger's seat, and hurried around to the drivers seat.

From Kayla’s car, Tom sat wondering what was going on.

Once he was in the car with the door closed, Arnold turned toward Kayla and said “Okay Kayla, what are you doing here?”

“I need some information from you.” She answered.

“Oh you do huh?” she could tell he was angry “Why the hell should I give you anything? We had a deal and you still owe me. I should have known that you wouldn’t pay up.” He looked almost ready to cry.

“Oh please, I thought you were the smart one here. I haven’t taken care of my side of the agreement YET because I had to make absolutely sure that what you gave me was the right stuff. For all I knew, you could have given me a spray bottle of water. It took me a few weeks to find the perfect test subject and then I needed a couple more weeks to see if it actually worked.” The expression on his face had completely changed from anger and hurt to hope.

“So did it work?” He asked.

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