Pleasure Dome Harper Valley

Meanwhile, back on the trestle - cute Louise Archer was having the time of her life. Giggling uncontrollably as the man fondling her breasts with delirious enthusiasm, whispered something to her, she suddenly found herself, or rather her hot little pussy, a custom-made receptacle for the special-delivery being undertaken by the rather tightly-wound gentleman driving up hard between her legs behind her. Probably not in the original script, but accompanying his orgasmic crescendo, young Louise's bottom cheeks received several hard spanks. Her father nodded his approval.
Kylie, up until now a silent observer, gasped and whispered something to Jenna. She muttered some inaudible reply before putting her arm around her sister's shoulder. Simply that little gesture upped the temperature locally.
Louise was flipped-over on to her back and the men shuffled around one place. All very orderly. Brad began now fondling his daughter's breasts that were completely adrift from her tattered bra and which were sporting a pair of exceptionally erect nipples. The father who had just completed his 'tour of duty' took his place the far side of the trestle, holding Louise's arms way up behind her while the incumbent intercoursee pushed the girl's knees up and wide on the very edge of the table. Any third party was now privy to an extraordinarily penetrative view of sticky white cum dribbling out of the girl's hot and inviting teen slit, framed as it was by tight little brownish curls, clustered at that angle in a neat little "V."

Watching this living furnace, I did something I would never contemplate doing in polite company. I just pulled 'old faithful' out and began working it right alongside them - Jenna could wait. I wasn't the only one. Another man, fully entranced by the sight there on the lounge retrieved his erection from its captive state and was stroking himself beside me. Mid-thrust, Kylie opened her eyes and seeing what I was doing, simply smiled that hot little smile she has and reached out to me. It was certainly to be an afternoon of firsts. Taking hold of my erection she just whispered "Let me Dad," and then began sliding her small hand up along the shaft.

Louise appeared a little flushed while looking distinctly yummy, lying there on her back, her shoulder-length newly come-by reddish hair being tossed every which way, as she reacted sexily to what was being done to her by the tactile trio. I wasn't expecting anything much to distract my concentration right about then but there again I hadn't bargained on Kylie slipping her hand up inside Jenna's panties either!
Talk about a double-take! Never having seen either daughter so much as "look" at each other in any suggestive way, this was unchartered territory. I saw Brad Archer's expression as he glanced our way, it was all he could do to steady himself at the table. Jenna looked momentarily shocked at so forward a gesture by her sister but certainly appeared to have little inclination to dislodge her hand.
"KYLIE!" she gasped, shifting her hips perceptibly as her sister's hand obviously brushed across the front of her knickers on its way to Zion. I have to admit for a few seconds there, Louise was a forgotten commodity. With her skirt pushed indecently high, Jenna's light blue panties were revealed to all, in their totality. She just looked down as Kylie slipped her hand beneath the light cotton material and started rubbing the front of her pussy. Which of them was hotter I wouldn't like to have guessed.
As Louise really began to get fucked seriously, she was moaning and spreading herself even wider and the effect this was having on my two was nothing short of dynamite. Jenna lay back in the couch and slipped her own fingers inside those hot little undies, thus giving inarguable credence to the old saying "two hands are better than one." The escalating sexual tension between the two girls needed some tangible release, in consequence of which as one, they turned their heads towards each other and began kissing passionately.
That was my cue to lose it. My erection was primed, my direction assured. Which one I took first didn't matter much to me at that juncture. Right about then however, two shadows loomed large, even as my hand entered the air-space created by the open zip of my pants. No less a duo than George and Warwick!
"Well well well, what do we have here?" gushed Warwick, instantly befuddled by the sight confronting him. "You've taught them well Noel," he added, kneeling down in front of Jenna's impressively-spread legs, intent obviously on a wide-screen view of the work in progress. Both girls continued kissing unconcernedly, although Jenna was beginning to wriggle and moan now between kisses as their joint fingerwork moved into overdrive. Leaning forward, Warwick gently fondled Jenna's left breast which made her gasp slightly.
"God, she has such hot little tits," he muttered, rubbing softly the other breast. "This IS Jenna isn't it?" he asked. I nodded.....just about rendered speechless by the sight before me.
George also knelt down now and began pushing Kylie's skirt higher up her thigh. She stopped kissing Jenna long enough to give him the sexiest of looks before opening up her own legs just slightly. I wasn't going to be on-site here for quite a while it would seem.
Glancing behind me on the trestle, Louise was in the grip of her own all-consuming orgasm now as the man fucking her, responded to that last bugle call. Brad was not far behind in terms of involvement, telling him "Fuck her Drew, fuck her little cunt for me," as he continued fondling his daughter's breasts and pulling her nipples almost with an untamed savagery. He was I noticed though, keeping a close eye concurrently on the progress of my two girls.
Gripping Louise beneath her knees and spreading them painfully wide, Drew emptied his own little private stash into the girl's pussy, adding presumably to the substantial deposits already made. Louise simply lay there, a spent force. The cum trickling out of her now and on to the table looked so damn hot! As the others released her, she slowly sat up. No girl ever had a more satisfied expression on her face as she looked around for her panties!
Jenna meanwhile couldn't care less about her panties or who could see them. All she cared about was reaching the plateau and by the looks of things, she was but milliseconds from that aspiration. Once in a while between gasps and wriggles, she smiled at Warwick. The hottest little smile that must have been cranking his erection up just that extra inch or so. It certainly was mine! Even as Warwick slipped his hand up under her top and found I imagine, the softest of femimine mounds beneath her skimpy bra - she gave a little squeal of ecstasy and clutched at her pussy with both hands. Kylie kissed her on the lips and they both shared the moment.
George it seemed, had plans for his own moment with Kylie since he had her skirt now indecently high and was rubbing her knickers pretty much dead center. He looked up at me. "They are so alike aren't they?' he murmured.
I wasn't sure whether he meant visually or from a desirable viewpoint. He couldn't have meant from a knickers perspective since Jenna had on her skimpy blue school briefs and Kylie had dug out another pair of her hot little black g-strings that if the truth be known, I wanted to see George remove at the earliest opportunity..
At this moment, I noticed Warwick whispering something to Brad Archer who had wandered over. Before you could say "Hey that's my daughter guys" they had a hold each of Jenna's arms, pulled her to a standing position and propelled her the three meters or so to the now vacant trestle. While Warwick pushed her face-down from the waist-up across the table, Brad grabbed hold of her wrists the other side and held her there. Jenna was now stretched out like a naughty schoolgirl, her short skirt unable to provide the modesty that its hot little owner may have wished. That is to say the view from the rear - HER rear especially, was all good news, with her knickers tantalizingly visible beneath the hemline - so taut was the material across her shapely little bottom. The picture of rampant innocent desire was completed by virtue of the fact one of her shoes had slipped off, leaving her barefoot and the other was just dangling from the end of her foot by one strap.
Jenna was obviously shocked and turning her head to me, cried out "Dad! me!"
That was easily accomplished - I gave her a hard smack right across that hot little bottom. She gave out with an "Ouch...that hurt dad!" which was obviously designed to elicit a follow-up. I didn't disappoint her. She wriggled her rear-end in a fake show of pain as Brad pulled even tighter. Bent right across the edge of the trestle now, which exposed another two inches or so of blue panties, she simply couldn't have looked any more vulnerable. Warwick asked if he could spank her - who was I to disappoint a fellow degenerate.
Probably not wanting to hurt her, his first smack barely drew a gasp but he got his act together for the second. Jenna squealed and cried out "No more...please!" He gave her three more and watching her bottom recoiling from the contact - I all but creamed myself. Warwick had stopped and had a hold of her skirt obviously wanting to pull it right up - he turned and looked at me. What could I do? I nodded.
Jenna let out a long "Nooo" but it was far too late - her knickers completely exposed now, I looked around to see if there was an audience.
Stuff the audience....all I saw was Kylie....WAS it Kylie...could that possibly be my nineteen-year old daughter on the lounge behind me? George had her on her back lengthways, top pushed up and her breasts free from her bra. Her right leg was on the floor and the other balanced precariously on the back of the lounge. I think we're talking there an angle of at least one hundred and eighty degrees! Such was it anyway, that he had no need of removing her g-string - entry was by invitation only! To say that he was fucking her would be to understate the matter. He was in fact sinking his erection into her to the max and to their obvious totally oblivious pleasure. Kylie was just about out to it...simply murmuring something inaudible and pushing up with her hips to each thrust. George was sweating somewhat whilst alternately groping her breasts, leaning forward to suck them or just holding her tight around the hips.

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