room on the right..

“There.” Said the dude in the Eminem t-shirt pointing to the locker room on the right.. “That’s the men’s locker room.” He said. “Thanks.” I responded as I walked towards the door and entered it. I dropped my baggy jean shorts and my boxers as I heard the showers around the corner stop.
I was thinking of grabbing a quick shower so I was looking for a towel somewhere and I looked down at my dick. Fair size. About 7 inches with a Steel rod going through the head. It sounds weird but it feels good when you’re getting blown. I figured some of the guy’s caught a showers before gym started. I heard footsteps coming from the shower area. But I was horrified to hear giggling. Then I looked to see 1 girl turn the corner with a towel around her body laughing but she stopped and looked at me. The girl had black hair and green eyes and was about my height 5’11 I wondered what she was staring at but then I realized it was my dick. “FUCK Sorry.” I said. I guess the girls heard a man’s voice and came around the corner to. Two other girls stood beside the one who saw my junk.

“What the fuck are you doing here!!!?!?!” the short blonde said. “Sorry I said putting on my boxer letting the two others see a brief glimpse or my junk. “Some dude said this was the men’s locker room.” “Ya he fuckin lied to you.” Said the short girl with brown hair. “Guy’s he has a piercing on his dick.” Said the Dark haired tall girl towering over the two. They both giggled. “Really?” said the blonde. “Can we see it?” said the brunette. “I only hand on my boxers as I pulled up my baggy shorts. “Fuck this.” I said. I walked out of the locker room hearing them giggle and I skipped Gym.

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