Sexy Sardinian Beach Fun

This was the outstandingly sexy day of a very sexual holiday in

Sardinia. We stayed on the north east coast in a lovely small house

above a marina. Locals had told us that we had to see the northwest

coast and its endless beaches. This was the day we chose to visit.

The road along the north coast is not great, so we decided to get out

at a reasonable time and spend the whole day on what looked like a

huge beach close to the northwest corner of the island. Having loaded

up our small rented convertible we needed gas so stopped at the

village filling station.

I was dressed for the beach in a short denim mini which fastened with

press studs, and a tight white vest. The filling stations here are

full service so when the old guy who owned it came to fill the tank my

husband asked him to clean the filthy windscreen. While he cleaned the

driver's side he was not very subtle in studying my long tanned legs,

and when he came to my side of the car I felt inclined to start the

day with a little fun. I reached for my bag, and found an emery board

to buff my nails, which of course meant that I would be "unaware" of

him peeking up my skirt. Just to be sure I popped an extra press stud

so that he would have a great start to his day.

By the time the tank was full we had the cleanest screen in Sardinia,

and I'm sure the old guy had a very nice story to tell his buddies in

the bar that night.

The road along the north coast makes it almost impossible to overtake,

so we settled for a leisurely cruise. About 40 minutes into the trip

we came upon a slow moving line of traffic, and as we joined it my

husband was not best pleased, until we realised that the military

transport in front of us had about 15 young troopers on the back. I

had my seat pushed back as far as possible with my feet on the dash,

and it wasn't many minutes before the young guy nearest the tailgate

noticed me.

With the traffic crawling he slowly stood and stretched in a rather

exaggerated manner, then looked down into our little car. I laughed at

him and waved, receiving a lovely smile in return. My husband, of

course, was waiting for a show, so reached over and slid his hand

between my legs, to the absolute delight of the trooper.

Feeling naughty and wanting to give him a little treat I began to pop

the press studs on my skirt until I reached the waist button. If I

undid this, my skirt would fall open and expose my pussy to my young

observer. I paused for a few seconds and looked at my husband and told

him to undo it for me. He, of course, didn't hesitate. He reached

across popped the button, and pulled my skirt away from my body.

Feeling totally in control of this fun situation I decided to finish

the job and pulled my vest over my head and threw it into the back.

Inevitably my young friend shouted to his buddies to look at the show,

and soon I had a group of horny young men leering at my tanned body.

We enjoyed the fun for another 5 minutes or so before the line of

traffic began to move. As a final treat my husband pulled right up to

the tailgate, and I spread my thighs for the boys. With that fun

gesture we reached one of the few passing points and overtook the

truck to a chorus of hoots and blown kisses.

I was very ready for fun now, and remained naked for another 30 – 40

minutes. I was 'caught' by a few trucks that we overtook, and by one

naughty biker who overtook us, spotted the show, and dropped back

beside me on the passenger side. He rode alongside us for several

miles until we reached our destination.

We knew only roughly where our beach for the day was, and arrived

there rather suddenly, leaving our motorcycle escort to continue. The

beach was at a river mouth, and as we parked in a treed opening we

decided to head down the beach some distance from the groups of

locals. After a kilometre we settled against the dunes, with a large

wooded area behind us, thinking we had a nice private spot.

We were enjoying a cold vino when a fisherman came down the beach

towards us. He stopped about a hundred yards away and began to reel in

fish almost immediately. As we watched him I said to my husband 'I

wonder what he's catching'

Never one to miss a chance he said 'Go ask him', so I set off towards

the fisherman, completely naked, except for sunglasses and a glass of


He was unaware of my approach as he faced the ocean and I almost lost

my nerve, but stopped at his catch bucket and asked 'What fish' in

tourist Italian. When he turned to see a naked young woman 10' from

him he was speechless. He was 70 at least, with the weathered features

of an outdoors man. I had to smile as he eyes roved up and down my

body before he stared at my shaven pussy. I wondered if he had ever

seen such a thing at his time of life.

When I repeated my question he came to the bucket and knelt in the

sand, lifting a large specimen to show me. When I stepped up to look

at the fish his face was precisely level with my pussy, and he began

speaking rapidly in Italian lacing his words with gestures and the

universal kissing action.

As he continued to gaze at my labia, I realised he wanted to kiss my

pussy, which had not been part of my plan when I walked down the

beach. He looked so sweet kneeling there, however, that I couldn't

refuse him, and took one step forward. As I looked over my shoulder to

see what my husband was doing, I could see him holding our camera

taking a video of my encounter. Whilst I looked away the old man took

his opportunity and kissed me roughly on my pussy. Before I could

react he grabbed my butt and pulled me towards him, pushing his tongue

into my lips. When I recovered and gently pushed him away he looked

too delighted for words. As I left him to return to my husband I was

quite happy to have made an old man's day.

Although the video was pretty poor given the distance, my husband was

happy and horny, and enjoyed playing with my very moist lips. He

eventually brought me to a lovely orgasm, which left me sleeping like

a baby within minutes.

When I woke my husband was flat out, so I decided to shake off my

towel and stepped into the dunes so that it didn't blow all over him.

As I did, I found a guy lying in the beach grass directly above us. He

had obviously been spying, and had ejaculated in the last few minutes.

He was still semi-erect and a string of semen lay across his thigh

leading to several large wet spots in the sand.

I should have been angry, but I was still feeling aroused, so stood

looking at him, as he began touching himself again.

He was a lean tanned guy and had an attractive cock, which was busy

growing to be very attractive. I was still pissed at my husband about

something that had happened the previous night at a bar, so I decided

to take a little sweet revenge right here and now.

I simply took my towel and lay beside him flat on my back, raised my

arms over my head and waited for his reaction. I didn't wait long as

he turned to me and climbed on top. There have been a few times in my

life when I enjoy the act of allowing a guy to simply use my body. I

can detach from the act almost, and observe it erotically as if I am

not involved in the act. I think maybe a prostitute must do something


When he eased himself into me he wasn't fully erect yet, but when he

braced himself on his outstretched arms and began to slide in and out

I could feel him grow longer and harder with each stroke.

Since he had ejaculated only minutes before I hoped he would hold off

whilst I enjoyed him. He fulfilled my hopes by bringing me to a lovely

orgasm in the classic missionary position. As I climaxed he lifted my

legs onto his shoulders, and began to thrust harder and deeper into

me. I love this position after orgasm, and knew that he would soon

come again. He certainly enjoyed himself as he managed to hold out at

least 5 or 6 minutes before eventually pulling out at the last moment,

aiming his semen at my open pussy and leaving my lips covered with

creamy streaks.

He was long gone before my husband woke, and I had already dipped in

the ocean a couple of times, so any trace of semen on me was washed

away, and I never did tell him about it. Some secrets are good for the


When we walked back to the parking area a large family group was

loading two vehicles, and one of the guys was my beach lover. A rather

large woman was giving him a hard time about something. If only she

knew half the story!!!

It was a fine holiday encounter. Anonymous, sexual, and very satisfying!
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