Strange Sex With Strangers

One afternoon, I was removing hairs of my legs and hands. I had wore short pink color skirt and strapless t-shirt. As I was alone, I feel more comfortable wearing such clothes. And, I had not out on panty and bra too. As cream got dissolved in my skin, I removed the hair, cleaned my hands and legs with cold water and was drying with napkin, a door bell rang. I knew my parents couldn't be there as they had out of station and will only return at late night. Neither I had called any of my friends, nor then who may be these. I opened the door and a young handsome man was standing in formal wear, with tie on shirt and bag in hand. With wide smile he spoke, "Hello Mam, I have come from the water purifier company." As of I know if my parents had called somebody I would have know, so he was not from our water purifier company. I replied, "We already had contract with one company and we don�t require another." He, with wide smile, "Yes Mam, I have not come for contract, I have came for survey and just to get some basic information about the machine you use. I won't take much time, just 2-3 minutes." I said, "ok, ask." He asked me some 5-6 questions and then asked, "mam it�s hot out here, and can I just have a glass of water." I walked inside and brought a glass of water and gave him. He drank water slowly, looking at me from top to bottom, in the light my just cleaned skin was shining. He returned me glass and said, "Mam you are very beautiful. May I have you?" I was just stunned by his and by the time I could react more; he forced me inside and closed the door. I shouted, "help", but before even my word could get complete, he put his hand on my mouth, hold me tightly and took me to my parents bedroom. My parent�s bedroom has huge bed and its windows were closed. He thrower me on bed and closed the bedroom door also. Although I had been fucked and allowed people to fuck me, but this was something untimely and without my willingness. As I was thrower on bed, my skirt had lifted and my pussy had got exposed.

The stranger with whom I just had sex had called one of his friends. He looked at me smilingly, "I just thought you might not be satisfied by one, so called my friend. Now we both will fuck you. I didn't gave any reaction.
He laid on bed and asked me to sit on his dick. Another asked me to suck his dick. After some time one was fucking my pussy doggy style and another was fucking my mouth. After ejaculating in my mouth and pussy they got up. I was on bed, nude. They got dressed and left my home and I went to sleep. My pussy was still dripping their cum.

He looked at me smilingly and I was crying, "please leave me" He naughtily smiled and said, "from your clothes, it seems you are one slutty girl. See in this afternoon, you are alone at home and had wore such sexy clothes and no panty and bra too. I can see your nipples standing tight" He looked at my pussy, "wow; you have super smooth pussy and no hair too. It will be great to lick and fuck such pussy. I too shave my dick and you will definitely love it." I again pleaded, "please leave me, or I will shout and my parents will be coming anytime now." He with smile, "once I am on your top, you will not be able to shout too and I know you will enjoy me too like I am going to be or else it will be very hard for you as my size is 9 inch long and 3 inch wide. Please cooperate." I was still crying. He was removing his clothes and got nude. While he was removing clothes, I couldn't move from bed as I had hit in head. His dick was already fully erect and standing straight. He came near me, "Shall I help you to remove your clothes and you yourself will do. Ok, we will do that later, first let me lick you." He came over my legs and started licking my feet. "It seems you have just removed hair from it." His licking was creating sensation in me. As he licked upwards, I tried to cover my skirt and he licking came to thighs and forced my hand sideways and uplifted my skirt. He was strong, made me lay completely on bed, "relax, let me do my job." He then removed my skirt and top and made me nude. He was not hurrying and was very gentle. The sensation in me was slowly arousing, but still I didn't want this.
He parted my legs wider and came near to my pussy. He gave a slight kiss on it and then sucked the outer lips. He was sucking like sucking juice from an orange. I was not reacting and just closed my eyes. He entered his tongue in my hole and gave a deep lick inside and a current passed in me. He was now picking up speed. He started licking me and was doing faster and faster. I know I am a horny and slutty girl, but still I was controlling myself. He licked me and I was getting wet, slight juices were had started coming out. He lifted his face and looked at my face, my eyes were still closed, and �hmmm you are liking it." Then put his finger in it, then second and started fingering me. He was doing faster and harder and I lost control and gave a loud moan, "yyesssssss". With this he got harder and aroused and excited as I had given up myself and was now in his control. I was moaning loud now and moving my hips to get him in more inside. He did faster and I climaxed. He licked all my juices and came on top and kissed me. I sucked his lips, hold him tight and pressing my boobs to his chest. We rolled on bed. Now he got on my boobs and sucked them on by one, pinched my nipples and bite them. I made him lay and sucked his nipples and bit them. He looked at me and I gave a naughty smile. He, "I already knew that you are a slut when you opened your door and I saw your cloths and saw the nipples."
He made me lay on bed, positioned his dick at pussy entrance and it just glided as it was wet and already been fucked by many. As he got fully entered, "Your pussy is large enough to hold more dicks like me at one point." He made himself comfortable and started pumping slowly. I was too moving my hips with his rhythm. We both got in smooth rhythm and enjoying soft sex. Rolling ourselves and kissing and sucking nipples and again kissing. For few minutes we carried on like this and then, "Please make it faster and harder it�s teasing my climax." He began his speed and pumping me faster and harder, "yyesssss fucckkkkk me harderrrrrrrrrrrr ohhhhhh yesssssssssssss" He too was moaning, "yyesssssssss babyyyyy take it deeeeppppp..." I was too moving my hips up faster to take him more inside. As he was going to shoot, he slowed down to make it longer and stopped. My climax too stopped.
He rolled me back and made me sit in doggy style. He positioned his dick again on my pussy entrance and forced in. From beginning he was pumping hard and fast, and pressing my boobs, pinching my nipples. He was pumping hard and deeper with every stroke, "yyesssssssssss babyyyyyyyy take ittttt yyesssssssssssssss" I was moaning hard, "yyesssssssssssssssss fucckkkkk me harderrrrrrrrrrr". He then stopped and made him lay on bed and I took hold of him and ride him. And, in minutes, we both climaxed and his cum filled my pussy. We both hold ourselves tightly as we enjoyed the orgasm. As my eyes look on clock it was just 1 hour we had enjoyed. We both were now tired and slept in same position holding tightly and his dick was still inside me, but had got loosen now. One hour later, I feel kissing and caressing. I open my eyes and he had taken one of my nipples in his mouth and was sucking it. Simultaneously I also felt my pussy is getting licked. As I open my eyes whole I see one more nude man placed between my legs and licking my pussy. 
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