The Brothers Winston

The story you are about to read is based on true events of the summer of 1984.. My Name is Lily, I'm a 18 year old girl who lives in the suburbs of NYC. My parents had me late in life so now that Dad is retired they are taking a 45 day tour through Europe.. They are shipping me off to my mothers sister.. My Aunt Mary who lives somewhere in Maryland..

Dad drove me to Aunt Marys 2 days before their flight.. Aunt Mary lives in the middle of nowhere.. Well it feels that way to me.. I'm used to looking out my window and being 10 ft from my neighbors house.. Aunt Mary had neighbors that were 100 ft away but all the house have big pieces of land.. SO big in fact she had a big built in the ground pool back there.. Dad gave some money to Aunt Mary for food and things like that, but he also slipped me a couple of hundred in case I wanted something.. 

It rained for the next 4 days straight.. I was stuck inside and the only company I had was a 74 year old church going woman. I was miserable. It was going to be a long 45 days..

By Saturday morning the sun was out full force and it was over 80.. I was thrilled.. I brought 4 bikinis with me. black, purple, blue and rainbow. I think I look ok in a bikini.. I'm 5'0 133 lbs with long auburn hair , green eyes and 36 D boobs.. My Mom feels I'm too big for a bikini but my tummy is flat.. All my weight is in my ass and tits.. O yeah and my thighs.. I grabbed my Danielle Steel novel, couple of towels, sunglasses and sun tan lotion.. And out to the pool I went.. I Covered the lounge with the towels and applied lotion all over me.. 
For the first 30 minutes I tanned the front... I managed to apply 90 % of my back with lotion and then flipped onto my tummy.. I undid my straps to avoid the tan lines.. 

I wasn't on my tummy too long when I heard someone says "Excuse me".. I popped up not thinking and opened my eyes.. Standing there were 2 guys who looked a lot alike. I cover my tits with my hands and yell " who the hell are you two?" "Lily we do not speak like that here" Aunt Mary said right behind them.. She introduced me to Danny and Dave Winston, her next door neighbors twin sons. "Lily a dear a friend of mine is sick, so I'm going to go spend the night with her to take care of her, would you like to come with me?" In my head I was screaming FUCK NO but I calmly said " No thank you, I'll just stay here.. I have plenty of books to read or I could watch TV." " I'm going to go pack an overnight bag and I'll come say goodbye before I leave, and boys if you would like to swim go right ahead." They both said thanks and she went into the house.. I was still fumbling with my straps when Danny offered to tie them for me.. I pulled my hair aside to give him better access.. 

I sat in the lounger while they dove in.. I must say these southern boys do look yummy.. Where I'm from all the guys are Italian with dark hair and eyes.. These boys were pretty blondes and light eyed.. Didn't get close enough to see the color just yet.. They asked the normal questions where I'm from, how old I was etc.. I found out they are going to be 19 in a couple of weeks they are both on their HS football team, they have an older brother who is 19 and a younger sister who is 18. Aunt Mary came back out to say goodbye and informed that I would be eating dinner next door at the Winstons.. 

Dave finally says " Wow.." I just have to laugh.. "I agree" Danny comes back in carrying a can of Coke... Takes a big gulp and hands it to me.. I sit up and take a drink.. I have cotton mouth.. And I hand it off to Dave who greedily drinks the rest.. Dave says to Danny " And your thoughts about what just happened?" "Fucking Amazing.. Just Fucking Amazing".. We all laughed.. Danny sits down next to me and says " We would love to do this again." I didn't even have to think about it.. 
"How about tonight after dinner?" " that's too early.. Mom and Dad are in bed for 9:30 every night.. We could be over here about 10" Dave said. 

After she left I watched both guys swim.. They both are tall and well built, Danny is the quarterback and Dave is a lineman.. Whatever that means, I just know they have killer bodies.. So I finally say " So what is there to do for fun around here?" They tell me usually a bunch of them go out to some pond drink some beer and hang out.. I'm not a beer drinker, it tastes yucky to me. But I do like to smoke pot.. I made sure I brought enough with me to last me a very long time.. " So do you guys smoke pot too?" I ask.. They both laugh and tell me they grow some out in woods not far from here..I got up and told them to follow me.. I was staying in the basement bedroom cause Aunt Mary snores really loud. There's a TV room that has a bar in it too, so I told them to sit on the couch I'd be right back.. I ran into my room,got my stash and my bong.. They had each sat on either end of the couch so I had to sit in the middle of them.. I filled the bowl and passed it to my left which was Danny.. He took a nice hit and passed it to me.. I love this bong, it hits smooth.. I filled the bowl 3 times before we set it aside for a bit.. Danny then asks me if I have a boyfriend. " Not anymore we broke up a couple of months ago.. and do you have one?" He said no.. But now that I'm close enough I can see he has very light green eyes. I turn and look at Dave and he has baby blue eyes. " is anyone thirsty " I ask.. I go behind the bar and get a couple of coke cans out of the fridge.. Coming back I tripped over the rug and fell into Dannys lap.. When I tried to get up my top twisted and exposed my tits.. I had 2 cokes in my hands I couldn't even fix it.. Then Danny reached up and touched my nipple.. I felt shock waves go through my body.. I even moaned.. Then with the tip of his finger he started making small circles around my nipple. The next thing I know is Danny is sucking on it.. with his other hand he is rubbing the other nipple.. I cant help it I am moaning very loud.. I find myself pushing up against him.. It feels so good.. I can feel his dick behind my neck.. He is Rock hard and definitely big.. I'm pinned and I love the way it feels.. I feel a hand on my thigh, rubbing softly.. Then a little higher and higher till finally I feel a hand through my bottoms... I open my legs more and feel the whole hand cover me... I'm going crazy.. Danny finally releases my nipple and removes my top.. I looked down to see Dave pulling off my bottoms.. Here I am lying completely naked on 2 brothers.. O yeah this is definitely going to be fun.. I quickly sat up and put my feet to the floor.. " its not fair that I'm the only one naked here".. The both stood up and practically ripped their trunks off.. I was right Danny is big, a good 8. I turn Dave and he is big too.. Slightly shorter than Danny but much fatter... I didn't know which one I wanted first.. Thankfully Danny made my mind up for me and put his cock into my waiting mouth.. He wasn't gentle at all.. He just pushed his cock all the way down my throat, while he held the back of my head.. I LOVE it.. Then he started to go a little faster and faster.. I could fell his balls slapping my chin.. He was Fucking my mouth.. No one has ever done this to me but I LOVE it.. I love it so much that I had the most intense orgasm of my life.. Even my mouth got really wet and sticky... I finally had to push him away.. I needed air...I took a couple of deep breaths when I realized I still had Daves cock in my right hand.. I tugged lightly on Dave and motioned for him to sit down.. Once he did, I straddled him.. Just before his cock entered me I said "Dont worry Dave I'm on the pill" (it was the 80's)I had another orgasm as soon as he was inside me.. He felt it too... He pulled my lips to his and kissed me hard.. His tongue exploring every inch of my mouth.. His hands on my hips helping me go up and down on his fat cock.. I came down really hard, ground my pussy onto him and squeezed my muscles... Now he was moaning really loud into my mouth, breaking us free.. I looked over my shoulder and there was Danny jerking on his cock... " I think we need to go to the bedroom" I say and get up.. 

I lay down in the middle of a queen sized bed.. I dont care what they do to me as long as it feels good.. Danny gets between my legs and spreads them wide. Exposing me completely.. I watch him kiss down my thigh till he gets to my pussy.. He takes my clit in his mouth and sucks gently.. O My God, more shock waves going through me.. Dave brings his cock to my lips and happily take him in... Dave goes much slower than Danny did.. I really have to open my mouth to take him in... He definitely has the fattest cock I've ever had. Danny got up and told me to get on my hands and knees.. Dave layed down in front of me... Again with his cock sticking right in the face... I hungrily take him into my mouth again... From this position I can take him much deeper.. I love how his cock fills my mouth.. Then Danny pushed his cock into my pussy.. Not stopping till his balls hit my ass.. I have a cock in my pussy, a cock in my mouth.. This is Heaven.. Danny reached around my leg and his fingers started playing with my clit... BAM another explosion went off inside of me.. Danny Slammed into my pussy and I slammed my mouth down on Daves Cock.. It was fucking incredible.. Every tiny hair on my body stood up.. my toes curled... I was off in some other world... I release Daves cock and lay my head on Daves stomach.. Breathing very hard and fast...Dave pushes the hair out of my face to help me breathe better... But Danny he doesn't stop... He keeps fucking my pussy... In and Out, In and Out... going slower and slower... Till finally he pulls out and starts rubbing his cock up and down my pussy... teasing me... He pushes back in only to pull it back out and rub my ass with his cock.. he does this several times, each time driving me crazy.. I feel his cock right at my asshole.. Very gently he pushes in.. I want to resist at first but I took a deep breath and relaxed.. Slowly the whole head was in... I took another deep breath and he pushed a little further in... Its a little uncomfortable but it doesn't hurt.. I started to push myself onto him... He held my hips to guide me.. When it started to hurt I would stop and wait a few seconds.. Danny remained completely still as did Dave who could see everything.. It took several minutes but Dannys cock was completely in my ass... Slowly he started to move... It hurt and felt incredible at the same time.. every minute or so he would go faster... I had Daves cock in my mouth again... Dave and Danny had gotten on the same rhythm. I had a cock deep in my throat and in my ass at the same time.. it was absolutely Amazing.. I was screaming with Daves cock in my mouth... I felt it coming when Dave pulled out of my mouth and came all over my chest. Danny filled my ass with hot liquid. I began to pull away from Danny and practically fell on Dave.. Who didn't seem to mind...I ended up laying in the crook of Daves arm breathing very hard again... Danny gets up and heads for the bathroom... 

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