Unexpected Sex On Camping Holiday

A few years back I went to Wales with some friends for a Mountain

biking holiday. There were four guys, including me, and two girls, and

we had all been friends since childhood. During the day we would go

out on our bikes and then we would come back to the campsite in the

early evening to shower and change, then head out to one of the local

pubs to eat, drink and relax. One of the girls, who was called Lisa,

was flirting with me quite obviously most nights, rubbing her foot up

my leg under the table and smiling at me, but at the time I was

actually interested in a friend of hers back home so I tried to ignore

it. A few days in we were in the pub after a long day's riding and we

had all had a lot to drink and the conversation had turned to sex. We

were sharing funny stories about our experiences and one of the girls,

Becky, told us she once had a boyfriend who had wanted her to pee on

him. We all laughed and she said she had refused because she thought

it was a bit weird, but I'd had a few drinks so I admitted I thought

it would probably be quite hot to watch a girl pee. Everybody laughed

and made fun of me for the rest of the night and I was embarrassed and

wished I hadn't said anything.

At closing time we left the pub and embarked on the hour-long walk

back to our campsite in freezing cold weather. I was stupid and hadn't

worn warm clothes so I was shivering like crazy, and Lisa walked back

with me with her arm around me to try to keep me warm. After a while

our other friends had got so far ahead we couldn't see them anymore

and Lisa began telling me how she'd liked me since we were kids. I

said I knew she used to have a crush on me a long time ago but didn't

realise she still did. She said "always have, always will" and I felt

a little uncomfortable so I changed the subject.

When we got back to the campsite we had to pass the shower/toilet

blocks to get to our tents, so we stopped to use the toilet, Lisa

going into the ladies building and I went into the mens. I used the

toilet and warmed my freezing hands under the hand dryer, then went

out to wait for Lisa. I waited for a few minutes and there was no sign

of her, and I didn't want to wait any longer because I was freezing

and thought she may have gone back to her tent without me. There was

nobody else around so I walked into the entrance to the ladies and

called for Lisa. "I'm in here babe" she called back, and I said "are

you coming out? I'm freezing" but she just said "it's ok, you can come

in". I walked into the deserted building, with the showers on one

side, and the toilet cubicles and basins on the other. "What are you

dong?" I said, and I saw one of the toilet doors moving and she called

out "in here, come in". At this point I was wondering what the hell

was going on, but I was still quite drunk and just wanted to get back

to my warm sleeping bag so I went over and pushed the door open.

I was greeted with a very sexy sight. Lisa was sitting on the toilet

with her knickers round her ankles, and as I looked in at her she

opened her legs up to give me a good view of her lovely pussy. She was

shaven but her pubic hair was starting to grow back, so I guessed that

she hadn't shaved since we came on holiday. I could also see red

saddle marks on the insides of the top of her thighs from all the

riding she had been doing. I don't know how long I was staring at this

beautiful sight, but I suddenly realised my cock had got hard but I

was still shivering. "Are you ok?" was all I could think to say, and

she replied "I need to pee babe, are you looking?". I looked down

between her legs and said yes, and suddenly clear liquid started

streaming from her pussy into the toilet, causing steam to rise from

the water below. I stared awestruck at this horny sight, my cock now

almost bursting out of my jeans, and all too soon she had finished.

"So was it good then babe?" she asked and I said "fuck that was so

hot" and overcome with desire I dropped to my knees and buried my

tongue into her still dripping pussy, and she moved to give me easier

access as I licked her delicious pussy clean. "God I want to fuck you"

I said, and she smiled and said "mmm, do it!" so we got into position

behind the cubicle door, and I dropped my jeans to the floor and put

my hands under her ass and lifted her up against it, with her wrapping

her legs tightly around my body as I found the entrance to her cunt

and pushed my cold cock into her. In the moment both of us had

forgotten about condoms, so my cock immediately went from the freezing

cold environment into the intense heat of Lisa's vagina, and I swear I

could feel her pussy juices sizzling around my cock inside her, and it

felt incredible. I kissed her and began fucking her slowly against the

toilet door, but soon she was screaming "fuck me! fuck me! fuck me!"

as I was pounding into her sweet cunt harder and harder, not caring if

anyone could hear us. Before long I could feel some mindblowing

contractions of her pussy walls around my cock and it felt like her

pussy was getting hotter and hotter until she was screaming with

pleasure and her juices were dripping from my balls as she came all

over my cock, the pleasure of which made me start pumping my hot cum

deep into her tight pussy.

It was one of the most intensely passionate, unexpected fucks I had

ever had, and I felt such relief and satisfaction as I tenderly kissed

her with my cock still deep up her warm vagina. We kissed and cuddled

then got dressed and she was glowing and she couldn't stop smiling,

and I realised just how beautiful she was, and her incredible smile

was making me smile. We held hands on the way back to our tents, and I

really wanted to spend the night with her but we weren't ready to let

our friends know about it, it would have been big news because we had

all been friends for so long, and because she was sharing a tent with

Becky and me with a friend, we couldn't be alone together without them


I think being out in freezing temperatures wearing just a shirt had

given me mild hypothermia or something, because the next morning I

felt awful and was shivering uncontrollably. Everyone was very worried

about me but Lisa said she would stay back to look after me, and

everyone should go out and enjoy themselves. When they had gone Lisa

stripped off all our clothes and got into my sleeping bag with me

totally naked to keep me warm with her body heat. Despite feeling

horrible, it didn't take long for my cock to grow hard against her

naked body, and feeling this, she used her hand to put my cock inside

her warm pussy, which felt wonderful, and we laid like this for a long

time, with her giving me gentle, loving kisses and stroking my

forehead. After a couple of hours I was starting to feel much better

and we had sex in the sleeping bag many times during the day.

We woke up in the evening to my friend entering the tent, with us

still naked and holding each other in my sleeping bag. "Oh, shit! Is

everything ok?" he asked, shocked. "Yes, he's fine, I've been looking

after him" Lisa smiled, and gave me a kiss. My friend left the tent

and I could hear voices outside and shocked noises and laughing. Our

friends knew about us now and I didn't care. We were together for

several months after that, but sadly things didn't work out and I

haven't seen Lisa for a long time but I would like to.
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