We left the building and went outside behind the school. “There she is.” He said with achievement in his voice. I looked forward to see one of the girls who saw me in the girls locker room earlier today she’s the one who got a look at my cock. I noticed her boobs in her low cut shirt. Smaller than Amy’s but not that
small. She noticed Max and put out the cigarette and rushed over to hug him. “Hey.” She said releasing the hug. “Hey Steph.” Max said. “This is John.” He said introducing me. “Hey Psycho.” She said with a smile. I made a face looking at her. “Easy, John’s had a hard day…and it’s not even over he still has two more periods left to go.” Max said. “Aww poor baby.” Steph said putting her hand on my cheek. I didn’t know what to do so I just stood there and nodded. “So I was wondering if you could take care of him.” Max said casually. Alex withdrew her hand and looked at him and snapped. “What? No! What type of girl do you think I am?” Max made a fake surprised face and made his defense. “No I didn’t mean it like you’re a whore or anything. But I mean you gave me the welcome treatment on my first day. And I mean. Look He just got out of that loony bin and he’s still depressed. I think suicidal. I mean taking care of him would calm him down…and maybe make him think differently.” Steph gave a worried look and looked at me. “Are you really depressed?” I took it as my turn to lie. Making the saddest I could I put my head down and replied “It’s just so hard for me right now. I don’t know what to do.” Steph gave a sigh of sadness to me. And said in a cheering up voice. “Well here come with me I’ll cheer you up.” She said taking my hand and walking towards me. I looked at Max and whispered “it can’t be that easy.” He laughed and nodded his head yes and walked away.

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