Why by all means big boy

How do you wanna do us," she smiled sensually. "On our back, with our legs spread wide for you." Alyssa cheerfully requested. "Do us doggy style," she explained. "It'll be easier that way. Mom and me, will get side by side. You get behind us on the bed." Brad leaned over giving her a kiss. "Great idea baby. You and I think, so much alike." Suddenly, his fear of impregnating Alyssa came to mind, not mention possibility of impregnating Grace as well. "Did either of you bring any condoms?" He asked, sounding like a careful school boy. Grace chuckled. "Oh don't worry about it Bradley, Alyssa took one of my birth control pills this morning," she paused, trying to get comfortable with what Alyssa told her. "My daughter told me. She likes the way your cock feels inside her, when you fuck her bareback," She shrugged. "Hell, I like it bareback too." Grace leaned over stroking Brad's hard cock, she sucked it while playing with his testicles. Removing her lips, she told him. "Come on daddies boy. Fuck me, I know you wanna. I've seen the way you look at me." With that said, both mother and daughter assumed their positions, side by side on the big bed. Brad knelt behind Alyssa first. Truthfully, its a hard decision to make, about which one he wants to do first. For three years of his young life, he's sat back admiring the curves of both woman. When he first met Alyssa, she had just begun to fill out. But Grace, being a full grown woman, his eyes often followed the way she walked, with just the right jiggle across a room. The way her firm breast exposed, just the right amount of cleavage, in various garments she wore. But he hasn't been with Alyssa, the true girl of dreams, for an entire month. His decisions final, sweet little Alyssa gets his cock first. Alyssa's body shook, like she had a sever fever. When she feels his cock being pushed deep within the wet folds of her fourteen and a half year old sex. "Oh Brad, your cock feels sooo good." He began shoveing inside her faster, his warm cock causes immediate shockwaves of intense pleasure with each thrust he gives her. Grace raised her body up, kneeling beside him. She reaches behind him stroking her soft hand down his ass, reaching between his legs, she strokes his nuts. Looking down at his cock, being shoved deep inside her daughters cunt. She breathed out her words seductively. "Does my little girls pussy feel good, wrapped around your big cock?" She kissed him passionately, caressing her right hand over his bare hairless chest. Grace's sudden show of passionate non-motherly attention makes it difficult to fuck Alyssa, but he keeps slowly thrusting into his lover, while at the same time, enjoying the way Grace's soft warm lips feel on his lips. Letting her lips caress his she whispers. "Fuck me....please fuck me." Alyssa heard her mothers request too, she spoke sounding out of breath. "Fuck her Brad....fuck her real good." Brad pulled out, looking down he watches Alyssa's pussy squirt. Her juices shot out, at least twelve inches, then splattered on the bedspread below. Grace knelt back on her hands and knees. Alyssa, raised her body up, her knees are weak she almost fell. Brad caught her, pulling her to him. He kissed her with all his passion. "I love you baby." he said breathlessly. Grace, broke them up. "Hey buddy," she laughed seductively. "Its my turn," she joked. "You better fuck me good. If you don't," she smiled back at him. "I'll take your car keys, and ground you for a week." Brad smacked her on the ass. "Ouch!" "Hey you shouldn't hit your mother like that" Brad replied gruffly "Yeah right." He shoved inside her. "I shouldn't be fucking you either." He began ramming into her hard. He's thought of fucking Grace hard like this for years, now she's in a uncompromising position; so to speak. He's not stopping now. --- Alyssa watches curiously, as she watches her young mind flashes back to Friday night. She and Grace ended up having a little too much red wine together. Wanting to teach Alyssa, how to swing, although Grace and Jack aren't really swingers. Grace brought out her husbands, large collection of porn movies. It turns out, Jack's into everything from barely legal teen porn, to classic nineteen eighties porn. Alyssa and her mother sat down for hours watching porn stars and starlets, do everything from anal sex to oral sex. She watched orgies and so many other, nasty movies. Now watching Brad screw her mother like a porn stud, in real life. She finds herself, completely turned on every time Brad thrust his cock deep within her mothers cunt. Alyssa thought of the lesbian scenes, she watched last night. Placing her hand under her mothers midsection, then caressing her way between moms legs. She began stroking Grace's clit. Her mother came, her body shook violently. Alyssa, feels her juices flow between her finger tips. Once Grace came down from the orgasm, she scolded Alyssa, sounding a bit turned on by what her little girl did. "Alyssa, don't do that again....It felt really good baby. But, you're my daughter, not one of those porn stars we watched last night!" Alyssa chuckled. "Sorry mom...I couldn't help myself." Brad kept ramming into Grace, he thought of what Grace just told Alyssa. "Porn stars," he grunted. Alyssa began kissing him, rubbing her soft hand over his ass. "Yep porn stars," she flirted. "Your daddy has a bunch of DVD's filled with all kinds of kinky crap on them," She laughed smiling looking in his eyes. "I liked watching the girls do things with other girls. They licked each others pussies." Giggle. "I went to bed last night, thinking of all the nasty things I saw in those movie," Alyssa stroked her own pussy, laughing seductively. "I played with my pussy, pretending I was with you and another girl." She looked at her mother being fucked hard by Brad. "Now here we are," chuckle. "I didn't think the other girl would be mom. But you know what...I'm glad she's here." Brad pulled his cock from Grace's pussy, she squirted like before. "Damn you girls, are soaking the blanket," he exclaimed. Alyssa leaned down, she began sucking his cock, she pulled away. "Mmm...mom taste good on you." "Get on your back Alyssa. Its time I fuck you, the way you need to be fucked." Brad said, before pulling his lover in for a deep hot kiss. Grace rolled over gasping for breath. "Whew," she gasped. "Bradley. Now I know why, Alyssa's so addicted to you. Wow." she gasped, rubbing her well fucked pussy. Alyssa quickly laid on her back, she begged. "Come on big boy. Fuck my tight little pussy!" Brad didn't waste time laying over his young lover. "Okay baby...Are you ready." Alyssa whispered seductively. "Baby...I've been ready for a month," She growled. "Now fuck meee." Grace lay beside them. "You heard my little girl Brad.... Now fuck her good." Brad took Grace's order seriously. He began thrusting hard, Alyssa wrapped her legs around his backside, screaming out. "Fuck me...Fuck..me." Grace lay close, letting her full breast caress his arm. She gently messaged his back, the feeling of her breast against his arm, her hand on his back. And also, the feeling of Alyssa's tight cunt, flexing around his hard cock, is almost to much to bare. He holds back cum, ramming into Alyssa's tight sex. Suddenly he feels cum rising in his groin. "I'm....cumming...Oh shit I'm cumming Alyssa." She gaspes. "Cum..in mee cum in me!!" Grace gets in on the act too, she began rubbing her pussy against Brad's leging, whispering. "Cum inside her baby. Cum inside my daughters pussy." Its all to much for his young mind, he grunts and moans ramming his cock deep within Alyssa, sopping wet cunt. Grace keeps dry humping his legs, she reaches between his legs stroking his nuts, she feels them pumping jets of hot cum inside her daughters cunt. Alyssa feels cum pumping deep inside, she cums hard, wrapping her strong legs around him, never wanting to let him go again. Brad cant move she's holding him so tight. Finally he stops thrusting, he lay his head on her shoulder gasping for breath. Grace came too, after dry hummping Brad's leg. She rolled over, sweat ran down her high cheeks bones. "My god....I don't believe we just did that kids," Grace said, sounding astonished about what she's just done. Not to mention, she's just done one of the nastiest, and hottest sex encounters she's ever done. Laying right next to her daughter, and her stepson as they fucked like wild animals in heat. After Grace came down from her sexual high, she climbed out of bed and walked to a small refrigerator located in the corner of the room. "I need a drink," she exclaimed out of breath. "How-bout you two love birds, would you like some cold red wine. I brought two bottles from the house," she laughed. "Hell, you're both to young to drink. But the way you yungins fuck. You deserve a drink." --- A few moments later they're all leaning their back against the wall using hotel pillows for cushions. Alyssa's on Brad's right, he's in the middle, Grace's sits topless to his left. They're all sipping wine from clear plastic hotel cups. Basking in the after glow of great sex, finally Grace breaks the silence. She speaks with a serious tone to her voice. "Okay you two...Now that the fun part, of our little get together is over, at least for me," she nudged Brad. "And I suppose your dicks pretty much spent," she paused. "Anyway...its time for me to set down some ground rules," Alyssa enquired softly. "Ground rules?" Grace looked at her daughter, who's sitting topless to her right. "Yes honey, let me explain. Brad, your dad and I, have already discussed it. We're letting you move back in," she nudged him gently. "And we think its okay, for you and Alyssa to carry on your budding relationship. But I'm telling you both, right now," she took a sip of wine. "No sex on school nights. Alyssa, you keep taking your birth control. And Brad, you make sure she takes her pills. If she runs out, put a damned rubber on. And remember, birth control pills aren't exactly 100% affective. So be fucking careful." She held Brad's hand, looking him in the eye. "I really enjoyed letting you fuck me tonight," she paused. "But young man, it's the last time you'll get a chance to fuck me," she squeezed his hand, and spoke sternly. "Believe it or not. I'm deeply in love with your father, I've never been with anyone else beside Jack, and Alyssa's real father. God rest Jimmy's soul." She said, thinking of her first husband. An army officer, who died four years ago fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. She sipped her wine holding back tears. "Any way," she said. "Bradley I fulfilled a deep dark fantasy tonight. And it was fun. You're pretty good in bed. 'But' your daddies better, so don't go put'n any moves on me. Okay?" Brad lifted her hand, giving it a kiss. "Okay. I won't be put'n any moves on you 'mom" He laughed. "That doesn't sound right, after what we just did. But you know what," he paused, looking into her eyes. "I think mom, sounds better then step mom anyway." Alyssa chimed in. "Awe...that's so sweet Brad." Grace stood up and began to dress. Alyssa asked. "Why are you dressing mom." Grace quickly replied. "I'm leaving for the night, I belong at home," she looked around the room. "Beside that. This is a honeymoon suite. Its for two lovers, not three." Grace finished dressing, then told Brad, she'll come back tomorrow and pick him up, so he can get his car from his grandparents home. She kissed them both goodbye, and left them alone. Brad leaned over and gave Alyssa a quick passionate kiss. "Well Baby," he cracked a charming smile. "It looks like we're alone once more. What do you wanna do?" Alyssa caressed her hand over his cheek, her green eyes changed to a soft green. "Can you teach me how to kiss. I've heard you're a real good kisser." Brad pulled his lover to him, planting a long hot passionate kiss on her lips, as they broke away Alyssa exclaimed. "Your kisses, feel so good on my lips. Do that I again," She smiled happily. "I like how it feels."
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