First thoughts of wanting to be a girl!

I watched my mother breast-feed my little brother
and I realized that I wished I could do that too!
What about you?
As I have written before, I really do not remember much before the age of 8. I see photos of me in 1st grade at age 6 and they stir some memories or feelings but I really do not remember much. I do, however, really looked like a little timid sissy in those old photos!

But when I was 8, I remember that time because my little brother was born. I also had two older sisters. The one sister, who was just a year older, was the one that I wanted to be like!

But when I was 8 and my brother came along, I remember how my mother would nurse him right in front of us. She must have figured it was in her own house and not out in public, so she just did it.

I do remember seeing this and I do remember how it left an impression on me. I know my sissy and girlie ways really kicked in a couple of years later but seeing my mother's breasts and seeing her breast-feed my brother was a pleasant experience for me. At that time and for the years that followed I enjoyed seeing my mother just be a mother and housewife and I started to realize that that was how I wanted to be!

Does this resonate with anybody? Was there one thing she saw or experienced that  really made you realize what a sissy you were and how much you wanted to be a girl?
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