Lucky this did not happen to me

Was 12-Year-Old Bailey O’Neill Bullied to Death?

I read this story with much sadness. This could have been me a long time ago.

I cannot remember exactly how old I was at the time but it was around when I was 13. I was standing in front of this neighborhood store with a group of other kids just hanging around when this asshole jerk kid came up to me and called me a sissy faggot and punched me really hard in the stomach. Needless to say it knocked the wind out of me and it  really hurt. I remember crying, which made things worse, but I also remember other kids yelling at the bully and telling him to get lost. The only other thing I remember was that it hurt for some time.

Luckily that was the worst assault on me for being a sissy, although I have mentioned various verbal abuse and how "depantsing" also occurred.

Did anything really vicious ever happen to you?
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