Remembering another one of my sissy friends!

Another of my sissy friends
had hair like this.
This photo of a femboi resembles one I knew in junior and senior high school.

I guess that femboi was my friend because we sissies had to stick together or else it would have gotten awfully lonely! I did not really hang with him that much except for during school time.

"Donnie" had his hair styled like this: short on the sides and long on the top. No thingy through the ear though! What he did differently was to dye his hair, mostly blonde and sometimes orange! I did not find that to be particularly odd because we had a female art teacher who did the same thing and also dyed her hair pink and purple!

Donnie was really effeminate without trying at all! Also limp-wristed. A bit of a lisp. Your very stereotypical sissy femboi! He did not have a reputation for giving BJs like some of us did,, but he was friends with the hot girls although never dating them, of course.
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