Oh to be swept off your feet like a girl !

Your construction worker boyfriend has been away for two weeks. You've been sending him sexy texts about how you are going to pleasure him with your mouth and sissy ass when you next see him.

He is on his way! You shave extra smooth all over and spray on a nice scent! You put on a sexy little outfit that he likes!

When he returns he is so filled with lust for you! He sweeps you off your feet and kisses you so passionately! He carries you inside, but you don't even make it to the bed! You tell him you want him so badly! You missed his cock so much! It's all you have thought about for 2 weeks! You get on your knees and his cock is quickly in its rightful place between your sissy lips! But you are making him so hot, he has to pound your sissy ass! So he pulls off your clothes and rams his man tool inside your sissy hole while you just seem to pull him inside of you! Lust consumes him and he pounds you hard and deep over and over until he grunts and screams and spurts a big stored-up load inside of you. He pulls out and you licks his cock and balls and tell him over and over I love you I love you I love you!

* I got that feeling just from looking at this photo! How does that photo make you feel?
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