Don't you wish you were even smaller!

Don't you just adore this girl! She is so pretty! She has nice boobies and sexy legs! And, oh yes, look at her cute little sissy clitty!

I bet her sissy clitty is about as long as my thumb -- to the first joint that is! And it looks as though there are a couple of peanuts underneath it! But you have to look very hard!

I wish I were that small! Now my sissy clitty is pretty small! But not even nearly as small as this gorgeous girl's!

She is so lucky! I envy her! Don't you?

And you know that the pretty little thing could not possibly work, which is even greater still! That leaves this girl with only one option as far as cocks since she does not really have one and that is to pleasure the huge ones of real men on a daily basis.

Of course I dream of being a real girl, but one of my fantasies is to be a girl like this one -- nearly a real girl except for that little nuisance down below! And I would be married to an extremely manly man and take care of his big gorgeous cock with a juicy head that I would suck twice a day and take his loads up my sissy behind! And I would carry on as his wife and no one would know are little secret!

Anybody else thing like me as far as actually wanting to be tiny? Or even tinier if you already are, like me?
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