Thai TV Darling, VJ Woonsen

Today, I’m going to talk about Thai girl and all-around lovable TV VJ, Woonsen Wiritipa Puckdeeprasong (วุ้นเส้น วิริฒิพา ภักดีประสงค์). She’s a Video Jockey for Channel V Thailand. I actually had the chance to meet her a couple years back. She was beautiful back then, just as much as she is now. Check out our gallery to find out more… When we did meet, I was pretty shocked! I’m about 6 feet tall, and when we met, she looked taller than me. It doesn’t really matter though because she is still a sexy goddess amongst Thai women. She is very tall, slim with a photogenic face which is probably why she is asked to model for so many products here in Thailand. Not many Thai girls can match that!
While Woonsen is a Thai celebrity, she tries to avoid getting mixed up with gossip magazines. She said, I’m going to be famous but not on the scandalous news”. Aw, she really is a wholesome girl! Good enough to bring home to mom and dad even. Enjoy our gallery of this Thai girl, Woonsen, below.

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