A humbling place in life!

I watched a video today where the guy's cock head was at least an inch and a
half! And this gal was sucking on it like she had not eaten for a month! She was eating that cock like someone eats those super hot dogs at the all-you-can-eat section of the ballpark!

My sissy clitty is same size as these dick heads! Is yours?
I have addressed this before. It is very humbling in several ways:

First, I wanted to be the gal on her knees in front of him, of course! She was going nuts on that cock as I would want to do! Taking him down her throat and everything! Then she screams "Oh fuck me!" And he proceeds to give her several orgasms with that super schlong!

Second, there is the thought that no female would ever want to be with sissies like us who have one and half inch clitties that are as big as the head of a real man's dick! Well, a woman would want to be with us, but only to use our talented tongues! (Has there ever been any research finding out if sissies give women better oral pleasure than real men do? I wonder!)

Don't you find it very humbling to know that you have a place and it is a very humiliating one? That you are good for pleasuring men and women orally because you cannot possibly do it any other way?

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