Love leopard prints!

This has always been a favorite design of mine -- along with polka dots! How great it would be to wear in public a gorgeous leopard print mini-dress like the one here!

Do you think the guys would be watching you walk down the sidewalk! Even if you were still a T-girl you can bet they would be!

Even better would be if you could fill that dress like this girl here! She's pretty much perfect and what we T-girls dream of!

I do have a leopard print bra and panty set. As well as leopard print pillow, blanket and comforter.

I think Newport News has leopard print dresses in their catalog and they are not to pricey (their shipping is high though!) I know they also sell leopard print swim suits. I buy just the bikini or thong bottom.

Anyone else like leopard prints? Or maybe you have some other favorite design?
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