Football season is here -- and cheerleaders!

My idols are the cheerleaders, not the players!
Well, another football season is upon us and you know what that means! Cheerleaders!

Sure, I like watching the games. Even though I could never play football like the real boys growing up. I don't have a wide interest in football but I will watch the local teams on TV.

My interest always was in the cheerleaders! I can remember that ever since I started going to watch my local high school team play when I was about 10 years old that I was drawn more to the cheerleaders! They would come up close to the railing in front of the stands at the stadium and the girls and the sissy boys like me would gather there and cheer along with them.

What I always wanted to be!
When I see high school and college cheerleaders nowadays they look so young but when I was a young sissy, they looked so much more mature! And they were my idols! I wished so hard that I could be in their place! Their sweet faces, their smooth legs, their confidence, their uniforms -- those were all things that I wished I had.

And later, I envied them because the hottest boys would come around them and I knew they were making out with them, something I wished I could do!

I had mixed feelings in high school and college. There were a number of cheerleaders who were my friends. I of course valued their friendship because they wanted to be around a sissy like me, but it hurt so much that I could not be like them. Well, it was just more of the heartbreak that we have to live with as T-girls.
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