Just a happy memory!

I saw this little clip and it reminded me of how my sissy friend and I would dress up during our junior and senior high school years in my sister's short dresses, some that I borrowed and some that were actually given to me by my super sister!

We would shave our bodies and put on a little makeup and lipstick and spray on something nice. There were these two boys who would come over sometimes to "play house" with us, meaning they came over for blow jobs!

This took place in the attic apartment above my sissy friend's house. It had a separate entrance and a bathroom and a kitchen area, so everything was so cool!

Anyway these boys would join us to get their BJs and we would greet them in our very short dresses and some serious making out took place before the sissy girls really got down to pleasuring the boys!

But I came across this clip -- I think that is the beautiful T-girl Kamilla Smith in the short little dress -- and it just reminded me of that great time of my teen years dressing up and kissing and playing when the boys that came over. Just a happy memory!
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