With child .... and so beautiful!

I was listening to a guy on late night radio the other day and he said you have to check out the photo of the pregnant model Marissa in Allure magazine!

Wow! I wish I could be pregnant and look like that! That was just the point of the radio guy: how beautiful she still looks, even with child.

But as you know, a sissy T-girl would love to be with child! I know I would! I have always envied women with child even if the great majority of them did not look like Marissa!

I have always had the feeling that I wanted to have a baby in me, have milk-filled breasts, give birth to the baby, breast-feed the baby, be a mother! I know I am pretty silly, but I tell you, that is something I have always felt deep inside of me!

So I envy Marissa! Not only because she is so beautiful to begin and that any sissy T-girl would love to be her, but that she also gets to be with child! Just another thing that we sissy T-girls have missed out on unfortunately.
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