I think I could live like this!

I know it would be a big sacrifice, but I probably could go through life with breasts like these girls have!

Do you think you could make a sacrifice like that?

Think about it:

You would be top heavy!

You might have trouble finding a bra that big!

You would bump into things with your chest!

You couldn't sleep on your stomach!

Men -- and women -- would stare at your chest all the time and you would get lots of comments!

Those same men and women would want to lick and suck your titties and nipples all the time! Imagine all the time you would have to waste having men and women sucking on your titties all the time!

Of course you know I am being silly with you! Of course you know that I would give anything to have titties like these girls! I certainly would put up with everything that I mentioned, especially the part about men and women wanting to suck and lick and kiss and devour and just nestle in my titties all the time!
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