What is your favorite piece of lingerie?

I have been wearing lingerie since I was in grade school and started sneaking my sister's panties and even getting into the storage box that held my mother's wedding lingerie!

I have a large collection of bras and I love them but until recently I never had anything to put in the cups! Well, except for falsies! I probably need to wear a bra now, but you really can't do that on an everyday basis in public without being noticed. You have to stay away from those tight sweaters in public! What I do is wear my bras under a big sweatshirt!

I have also always loved garter belts and stockings! They are great for wearing around the house with nothing else on but really not practical to wear under your clothes. A nice flowing dress is what you need to wear over your garter belt and stockings! But a lot of us just don't go out in public in dresses like that. Still, I love to do my housework wearing a garter belt, stockings, bra and heels!

Now, pantyhose are nice to wear under your clothes and maybe wear a camisole instead of a bra with your panties. That is what I wear to work, especially in the winter time when those pantyhose can give you that extra warmth on a frigid day!

They are not really sleepwear, but I love to put on a silky chemise to sleep in or wear around the house! And usually I have a matching silky robe to wear over it or separately.

But my favorite? Gotta be panties! I mean, that's what I started with! Borrowing my sister's panties and panties were the first items that I bought for myself. And I wore panties under my clothes to school starting in 7th grade. Not on phys ed days though -- that would have been a bad idea and would have gotten you beat up!

I wear those other items that I mentioned and I love them! But I am in panties pretty much 24/7! And the word PANTIES pretty much says SISSY, doesn't it. When someone is labeled a sissy, you know for sure that they are wearing panties! I am certain that the other sissies that I knew going through school were panty wearers! I would have bet anything on that!

What is your favorite lingerie item? Please post your comment here or click on the poll that I set up.
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