Position of the Day: Rickshaw

Yes, an easy one for the guys! Ladies, you'll be doing most of the work here, but don't feel bad. It really means that you're in charge for this position. You control depth, thrust, and speed. Today, we're bringing you "The Rickshaw".


How to get into it

Lay your giver down at the edge of the bed, couch, or chair. Givers, bring your knees up toward your chest.

Receivers, get between his legs, facing away, and grab the giver's feet. Now slide him/her into you. Use their legs for stability and something to bounce against. It'll help with keeping a rhythm.

Benefits for the giver
  • It's nice to be submissive for once
  • You get to lay back and relax
Benefits for the receiver
  • It's a great workout for the legs
  • You can control the speed and depth 
  • You get to dominate your partner

Get creative with your love making!

Thanks to iVillage for this recommendation.

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