Position of the Day: Ying Yang

Lets see how agile you Lustys are today! For our sex position of the day, we bring you the "Ying Yang". This one might take some practice, so take it slow, and don't hurt yourself.


How to get into it

It's really hard getting into this position if you try doing it all at once, and then lifting up. So one thing at a time.

Get on your back fella'! Lay both arms, or at least the left, flat on the floor next to you. The right arm may help with balance by holding onto the top person's leg.

Now, as the top person straddles over you, lift your left leg up, allowing her to cradle it with her arm. This is gonna work those muscles for you bottoms. You have been warned. Be careful and see how long you can hold this position.

For the tops

If you're the one riding this difficult position - be nice. Don't put all of your weight on your partner. Put a lot of your weight into your legs - they're your foundation here. Your partner will be counting on your legs for stability and balance.

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