100 Stickers to 5 Cities: Thank You Readers!

Dear reader,

Yesterday, we sent out 100 stickers to 5 cities across the USA.

This represents a small subsection of our readers--whom we sincerely appreciate!

What else went along? Hand written thank you notes to our biggest fans.

Also, discreet envelopes so no one even knows about your littlest gifts.

No, hand written thank you's are not dead. We'll be continuing to reward & thank our early adopters.

Why? We sincerely appreciate you as a reader of our site! We hope to be a great asset to the sex education community -- and make a big difference in the lives of couples everywhere.

Would you also like stickers? Visit http://bit.ly/stickers4me and get your GetLusty stickers, too!

Thanks so much for reading!

With love,
Erica Grigg
Chief Lust Officer
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