Shopping for girlie scents!

This is pretty much what I
looked like walking out of the
bath and body store!
The other day I went shopping at a mall and I had a gift card to Bath and Body Works. So I went in the store and was greeted by one of the three girls who was clerking. She asked what she could help me with. I said I had a gift card and wanted some spray scents.

Now, I was wearing short shorts showing my shaved legs and a top showing my titties so it was quite obvious to the clerk what she was dealing with. But it was like when a T-girl goes into a wig shop. The wig shop wants to make a sale and they probably know that T-girls are good wig customers. We are also good lingerie customers!

So the girl was quite nice and let me try several scents. I love them all so it didn't take long for me pick out several bottles of spray. She rang me up and gave me some coupons and told me about their web site where I could find some more deals.

I don't know if the store gets many sissy faggot t-girls in there -- but I would assume they get some. Oh, and there were other female customers in the store and I bet they had a good time watching what was unfolding in front of them!
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