Your Vagina is Beautiful: 10 Artful Pics (NSFW)

Dear Readers,

It's getting towards the end of Orgasm October, so we wanted to emphasize the importance of your vulva and vagina! Sometimes we as ladies don't think our vulvas and vaginas are pretty. Not true.

They're lovely in all shapes, colors and sizes. Here's a compilation of pictures from our favorite blog, the Beauty of Vagina's Tumblr.

We're also very inspired by the gorgeous Vulva 101 coffee table book we recently received in the mail. Check out these gorgeous pictures! Enjoy your vulva's, vagina's and your body.

We've included this top picture so you can share this page freely on social media. Do share your vulva love!

With love,
Erica Grigg
Chief Lust Officer & Editor

* * *

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