8 Fun Sex Facts You Should Know

Just because you've had plenty of sex doesn't mean you know it all! Sexual pleasure can be a learning process overtime as bodies change and so likes and dislikes. GetLusty writer Eileen Prouffe hopes that some of these fun sex facts will bring about more pleasure and fun for you and your partner. Read on!

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#1 Size doesn't really matter

For the gents out there: penis size doesn't matter as much as we might think it does. The average penis size internationally is around 5-7 inches (erect). The average non-child bearing woman’s vagina is only 3 inches long when not aroused (measured from the opening of the vagina to the tip of the cervix). Once she’s sexually excited, her vagina only extends another inch or so. Though some women have more vaginal depth. According to Ask Alice, "Regardless, during arousal, blood flows to the genital area, and sexual excitement causes the upper two-thirds of the vagina to lengthen by forcing the cervix and uterus to ascend." We recently addressed this noting penis size doesn't matter.

#2 It'll whip you to shape

Of course, some of the positions in our sex positions library are more 'advanced' than others. Imagine the difference between athletic sex, a few swings of your whip for a little spanking session or full-on athletic sex. An average person of about 150 lbs can burn about 216 calories in about 45 minutes of sex. There's also a more comprehensive list of calories burned during sexual activity including New Yorker sex versus Los Angeles counterparts, spanking and even "after watching a Paris Hilton video," from the Calorie Lab as published in the American Journal of Exercise Calorimetry in August 2006. So, if your issue is that you don't have time for sex and working out then, just have sex and kill two birds with one stone.

#3 The G-spot is named after a German physician

The G stands for the Gräfenberg spot which was named by Ernst Gräfenberg, a German physician who studied women's orgasms. Though there is still controversy about whether G-spots really does exist (GetLusty ladies are in agreement for an emphatic, "YES!"). Even well-researched Sex Expert Debby Herbenick isn't completely sure the G-spot even exists. The definitive answer? Some women feel that they definitely have a g-spot, while others do not. Personally, I feel that I do have one because I know that there is a little spot down there where amazing things can start happening. Can't find yours? Not to worry. We've written extensively on G-spot orgasms, including the most recent on having G-spot orgasms during cunnilingus. Also, we have recommendations of books on G-spot orgasms and even squirting 101.

#4 Semen could make you happier

A recent study done at the State University of New York in Albany, suggests that semen can be an antidepressant. This study found that women who have vaginal sex without a condom show fewer signs of depression than women who abstain or regularly use condoms. Other research has shown that semen may also boost your cardio health. Although these sources have not been proven, it doesn't hurt to try. 

#5 Kissing causes happiness

Sure, there may be times when people don't bother to kiss while having sex because they are in a hurry or because they haven't brushed their teeth yet, but according to WebMD, kissing can really bring people closer together and make them feel more of a connection. Sometimes couples who have been together for a while start to skip this part of the relationship, but really you should consider rekindling it and making it a priority. Kissing is considered a really intimate way to connect with a person so maybe that's why a kiss can be highly valued. Get your smooches on!

#6 Sex can boost your immune system

Both having sex and having an orgasm have numerous health benefits, including boosting your immune system. Scientists have proven that having sex twice or more a week can boost your immunity and help prevent diseases like a common cold or other infections. Because people who have regular sex are exposed to more infectious agents. The body then responds by increasing antibodies and boosting the immune system. This winter, it may be beneficial to take more trips to the bedroom with your partner instead of going to the pharmacy.

#7 The clitoris has more nerve endings than a penis

The clitoris has 7000 nerve endings while a penis has about 4000. This may help explain why some women may be more sensitive and particular in the way that they like to be touched. Not all women prefer the same thing so, it takes a little exploration to figure out what each individual prefers. For those continuing the sexual exploration process, we recommend female masturbation to learn more about what stimulates you best.

#8 The left side of the clitoris is more pleasurable than the right

If you're looking to explore her vulva and clitoris, how about trying it a little to the left? In the book Extended Massive Orgasm, Steve and Vera Bondansky found that it pays off to aim to the left. It was discovered that most women interviewed for the book found that the upper-left quadrant of the clitoral head is more sensitive than the right. Go ahead and tell your partner to go left!

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Eileen Prouffe is a GetLusty staff writer with over ten years as a working mom trying to keep her love alive. If she's not having fun with her three kids, she's staring into the eyes of her loving husband. She looks forward to sharing her ideas, tips and knowledge with everyone to help improve relationships and put an end to dull sex lives. Get in touch with Eileen at eileen@getlusty.com.
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