Bothered and bullied by tomboys!

I knew girls like the tomboys on the
left and they sure did taunt me!

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I was just thinking back how in school there were the boys who bothered you and bullied you if you were a sissy. That was quite common and I know first-hand because I experienced a lot of that.

But do you know what else I experienced? Girls doing it too! It was one thing for a bully boy to call you a sissy and a faggot and a homo. It was still another thing when girls did it.

Now, the pretty feminine girls were not the ones who did it. Some of those girls were actually my close friends -- not girlfriends, just close friends. Other hot girls were just so "stuck up" that they always ignored you and thus did not say anything to you.

The girls who called me a fag -- and this may be different for you, so let us know -- were tomboys, the girls who I like to say were a little rough around the edges. Not that pretty, not that feminine. Tried to act macho. Smoked cigarettes. Wore lots of denim as opposed to dresses and skirts. Do you know the type of girl I am talking  about? They were what some people would refer to a dykes! I don't know if they were lesbians or not, but I'm just saying that's how they acted and dressed.

These girls were as bad as the bully boys as far as calling me names like pussy and cunt. I expected it from the boys because I was not acting like a regular boy normally would. But it was a different type of hurt and humiliation when it came from these "bad girls." You would think that a girl would understand your plight of being a sissy. Not so for these rough girls. They dished it out and I still don't get it because they were ultra-tomboys just like I was a sissy girl!

Maybe they were teased for being tomboys. And back when I was in school and girls sports were not that big yet, if you were a tomboy, if you played sports like basketball and fast-pitch softball, if you were a strong muscular girl -- well then people thought you were lesbian. If you were a tough farm girl or if you were a "greaser" people also thought you were a lesbian.

So maybe these girls were getting it too and had to take it out on us sissies. Too bad we could not have been friends and allies!

Did you ever experience taunts from the tomboys while in school?
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