Time to start thinking about Halloween!

My all-time favorite
Halloween costume!
It's October and that means it is time to start thinking about Halloween!

Do you like to dress up girlie on Halloween? Maybe go to a party that way? Or give out candy at your place that way? Or walk the streets on that evening that way?

Of course, we T-girls know that Halloween is THE day that you can get away with dressing up like a girl! You just say to people, "How do you like my costume?" And everyone has a good laugh!

That's how it is with my Marilyn Monroe costume!  It is pretty much like the one at right, including the wig and shoes. I have worn it probably half a dozen times. People are quite amused by it! Everyone gets a laugh. They like my wig. They check my makeup and lipstick. They ask me how in the world did I learn to do that! They marvel at my shaved legs and painted nails! And I try to act like Marilyn, but I know I am pretty bad!

I have great fun. Of course, what most of my acquaintances don't know is that I have always wanted to be like beautiful women like Marilyn! If I could wear that costume every day of my life, well, I would be quite happy about that!

I have also dressed up as a cheerleader -- quite common for T-girls I would imagine! And of course, a French maid! Never a fairy nor a ballet dancer, though that would be fun!

Have you ever dressed up as a girl for Halloween? If so, what did you dress up as?
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