It's Orgasm October!

Now that we're done with the Flash mob dance at SlutWalk Chicago, our dance cards are a little more open. This means we can think about October. Because we heart our readers!

And, of course, we want to continue to offer fresh, new and entertainingly informative content for you. More on that soon.

Now for the meat of this article:

It's Orgasm October! 

Oh, dear! I can't believe to say how excited I am. It's Orgasm October! And you know what that means. We'll be talking about head. A lot. We'll talk about women's and men's orgasms. What do orgasms feel like? We'll wax lyrical with poetry about our most intimate moments. We'll have pictures, videos and giveaways to entice you into action in your own sexual life. Can you get better orgasms? Improve your orgasm; change your world!

Needless to say, it'll be amazing.

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One other thing

It's also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We'll be tweeting about it and social media sharing for all the ladies and gents. You tweeting about it, too? Use #bcaware and follow @bcaware. Don't forget to follow us, too on Twitter @getlusty. Breast cancer can be deadly. Get screened early.

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