Another of a T-girl's best friends!

I don't know if anyone else will appreciate this or not! But I have to say that one of a T-girl's best friends -- in addition to her dildo, of course -- is that little product pictured at left. Yes, a styptic pencil!

It has saved me so many times, just today in fact and that is what prompted me to write about it!

If you are like me, and you have to have to, have to, have to be totally smooth and girlie -- well maybe except for a girlie V patch above your clitty -- then you are shaving your body maybe every other day. Lots of opportunities to get nicked up!

After all these years of shaving my body -- I started back in high school with my legs, like the girl at right! -- I still have trouble shaving around the bony parts of the knees and the ankle. Thus the nicks and I have to reach for the styptic pencil to stop the bleeding and hope that it's not so bad that I need a band-aid, which is rare.

But I love to shave my body because the alternative -- body hair, eek! -- is just so distasteful to me. To me, there are not too many moments more enjoyable that stepping out of the shower really smooth -- although sometimes I shave my legs before the shower so as to not waste water! -- and spraying my upper body with a nice scent and rubbing moisturizing lotion on my smooth legs!

What are you thoughts about shaving?
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