Getting back to the bathroom issue!

My problem with going into a public bathroom in the warmer months is that I wear short shorts like the T-girls pictured here.

If I were wearing a dress, I definitely would also be wearing a wig and have on makeup. Thus I would probably try to use the ladies room! But when I wear short shorts, I am in sissy mode as compared to crossdresser mode, if you know what I mean. I am obviously a male being a sissy, so there is no way you can use the ladies room!

So, that leaves either the family restroom or unisex bathrooms, which I seek out first, but are often not an option. So then you must resort to going into the men's room dressed like the girls pictured here, only without the wig.

Does anyone else do that?

Now, you cannot go up to a urinal and stand there in your short shorts and girlie tank top and girlie sandals and shaved legs showing, can you!

So what I do is move in quickly and don't make eye contact with anyone but head directly to a toilet stall! I do my business and if possible quickly wash and dry my hands. And if that is not possible, I always carry hand wipes with me in my purse.

So, going to the bathroom is not only an adventure when you are crossdressed, but also when you are in sissy mode. I have stated before that I for the most part do not go around in a dress and wig, but I wear other women's clothing that I can get away with. That's pretty much everything except dresses and skirts. I call that being in sissy mode or girlie mode.

And that still creates a problem when you have to tinkle!
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