Outed at the drugstore!

Ever go to the drugstore and you are in the checkout line to pay for your maxipads or tampons and the price doesn't ring up properly or not at all?

Then the flustered clerk yells out to her co-worker: "Hey Sally, how much are these maxipads?" And she does it really loud so everyone can hear her, especially the men standing next to you in the checkout line!

I have been in situations like that! Yes, with maxipads or panties or some other item of women's clothing.

So, I was at a drugstore the other day and was buying some nail polish. Two bottles actually. One did not have the UPC code so it could not be rung up. The clerk asked me if I knew how much it cost. I said a dollar ninety-nine. She was about to accept that because that's how much the other bottle was even though they were different brands.

I painted my toenails with glittery polish!
But a second later she sees another clerk and of course she has to yell across the store: "Hey Sally (or something), how much is Xbrand nail polish?" Of course, the men in line got to know that I was buying nail polish and just like in the other similar incidents they gave me funny looks!

I bet you have been in situations like that!

Anyway, I thought I would try some glittery silver nail polish for my toes and I also purchased some bright green polish so I would have more than reddish colors. I'm wearing the glittery polish today and I just love it. I normally wear clear polish on my fingernails unless I am off work for an extended period. But I love putting on my nail polish just like the girls pictured above! Just another way that those of us who wish we were girls can express ourselves!
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