Making out with the real boys!

My sissy friend and I played like these girls!
When I saw this photo, it reminded me of something that took place a bunch of times with my sissy friend Timmy and me and some of the boys we would "play house" with in junior and senior high school.

Timmy and I did not go around wearing skirts like the girls in the photo, but we did wear girlie shorts and tank tops, so we did look like these girls as far as showing our sissy shaved legs and the tank tops.

But we did get together with the boys a bunch of times to make out. Sometimes Timmy's older brother would get us some beer -- for which we owed him big time -- or we would gather up some -- read: pilfer -- from our parents' refrigerators.

You know, the first people I kissed besides my mom and aunts were Timmy and these boys. Actually, they were the first people I kissed on the lips and French kissed! I did not kiss an actual girl until I was in college and that was only on the occasions of before or after I gave them oral pleasure.

But Timmy and I would kiss these boys in back yards and if the coast was very clear and maybe the beer made us brave enough, the boys would get blowjobs from us as well!

Did anyone else carry on like this?
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